A group of Silicon Valley and Hollywood monopolists walked into a bar…

By Deacon Feinberg

This is why Silicon Valley and Hollywood give Jewish people a bad name.

Google, Sony Pictures, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Amazon, Tesla, Kleiner Perkins, and their friends, all exist because of Anti-trust law violations. They trade cash, media news exposure rigging and political jobs for exclusive contracts, laws and grants from DNC politicians.

If you did not go to their frat house and if you are not part of their cultural cartel, you do not get to operate in their business sectors.

They use Gawker Media, Think Progress, Media Matters, Univision, Open Society, Black Lives Matter, AntiFa and hundreds of their media ownerships to control what the public thinks, what news stories the public are told are “important” and how the internet works.

They are almost all male and dedicated to territoriality and exclusion at any cost. They hire each other based on who-is-connected-to-whom. While their associate/boss, George Soros, has become globally notorious, Soros is keen on shooting down any introspection of the cartel as “anti-Jewish” in the cartel’s constant exploitation of the claim that “...you must be anti-semitic if you don’t like our crimes...”. Nothing could be further from the truth. While almost all of the executives of this group are, in fact, of the Jewish faith they are not part of a secret Jewish conspiracy. They just happen to be corporate mobsters who happen to be Jewish.

They got the Obama and Clinton crowd to hand all of the government money that Obama/Clinton controlled, exclusively to their cartel. The Department of Energy, The EPA, The DOJ and every other agency under Obama/Clinton gave the contracts, grants, loans, favors, jobs and perks only to this cartel and blockaded any company who competed with that cartel on orders from that cartel. That is corruption.

To save the brand of a religion and to save America and the world from corruption, Silicon Valley and Hollywood must be put out of business.

Until the public realizes this and boycotts every product and service originating from “Silicon Valley” and “Hollywood”, nothing is going to change.