CREDIT: Axios-SurveyMonkey

As more people find their ability to communicate freely being strangled by massive tech corporations, Americans are warming on the idea of regulating these monoliths. A recent poll shows a majority of Americans supporting these entities being reigned in.

According to an Axios-SurveyMonkey poll, the public has shifted a startling 15 points over the past three months in favor of regulating tech companies. The previous poll was conducted in November shortly after Facebook, Google and Twitter engaged in Congressional testimony. Only 40 percent of Americans were concerned that not enough was being done by government to regulate the tech corporations, and that number has now jumped to a record-high 55 points.

An Axios report credits the rise to usual leftist canards such as “Russian meddling” and “fake news” for the rise in skepticism, but the issue is greater than that. 45 percent of Republicans, for instance, want more regulation on these tech companies. The largest change came from independents, who shifted 20 points from the previous poll in favor of more regulation. Additionally, 55 percent of respondents say that social media harms free speech and democracy. This does not bode well for tech companies that are at war with conservatives.

In recent months, Google has demonetized many right-wing video producers in an effort to cripple their operations. It has gotten even worse as whole channels are now being flagged and forced to censor their content or get banished. Alex Jones of Infowars has become a test case of sorts. On Twitter, new censorship rules enacted recently have prompted race realist publisher Jared Taylor to sue the organization on behalf of free speech.

With such a broad majority supporting reform, expect Congress to snap into action before long. It remains to be seen whether they enact reforms to promote free speech and stop arbitrary censorship or they create restrictions that exacerbate the current problems angering consumers.