Accepting a "date" offer mean you are acknowledging that there is a 60% chance, or better, that you might sleep with them?

Nobody knows what the term “date” means. Modern teens do not even use the term, they refer to having a “hook-up”, which generally just means getting together for sex.

When somebody says, to you: “Do you want to go out?”, or “Would you like to get together?” or “Are you doing anything tonite?”; how often do you assume that they are really asking if you might want to have sex with them?

Biology and science show us that male and female brains are wired totally different. What one gender might mean with a question, another gender might interpret in a totally different way.

There are a vast number of studies, blogs, TV shows and You Tube videos about people asking the age-old question: “Can men and women really just be friends in a dating situation?”

The resounding response is, overwhelmingly, NO! Eventually, the dynamics will break the platonic structure.

While everyone thinks it is nice and proper to be “friends first”. Almost no male feels that way. In fact, in studies, when men see the phrase “friend’s first” on dating profiles, many actually get angry and react with a “what’s wrong with you?..are you kidding?” reaction.

Everybody already gets to do all of the movies, dinners, coffees, concerts and other fun thing with their friends. They do not need to ask their friends on a date. They just go. They do not need to use dating sites, go through coffee-dinner-movie sequences or have interview-type date-potential analysis discussions. Today, most people think that the only thing you do with a date, that you don’t already do with your friends, is take off your clothes.

What do you think?

Is a date a hard request for sex?

Is it an implied soft request for sex, with some fudge room?

If someone asks you on a date and you look at them and immediately make up your mind that you would never make-out with or sleep with that person, is it still fair to accept their date offer?