Announcing A New Department of Energy Transparency WIKI for DOE Applicants

After half a decade of law enforcement, forensic, Congressional, journalist and public investigation, it has become clear that nefarious parties had used the United States Department of Energy as a slush fund to compensate campaign financiers. Because the public funds abuses entirely involved the hard- earned tax dollars of each citizen in the nation, all parties agreed that additional transparency and oversight was needed. This peer-to-peer information WIKI is one such effort.

All information provided by applicants, agencies and the public is freely and openly available to everyone at this WIKI.

Specific investigators at agencies and entities that include: FBI, OSC, AG, DOJ, FTC, SEC, DOE, FCC, EPA, US CONGRESS, ACLU, EU, and major news desks, receive notification of new postings on this site. The applicants have cooperated with the filing of case data for existing, and ongoing, investigations by all of the above.

This site is compliant with the protocols of SLAPP/ANTISLAPP, EU Privacy, Anti-Trust Reporting, UN Human Rights Policy, Fair Use doctrine, U.S. First Amendment, ACLU Standards, Freedom of the Press standards and WIKI protocol.

Almost every previous applicant sought to serve their country, provide jobs, deliver a secure domestic energy solution that could be fueled from within domestic borders and, generally, "do the right thing". In the past, those who were not part of a covert campaign finance insider group were stone-walled, black-listed, character assassinated and blockaded by government employees operating under orders from campaign financiers. While illegal, that process also threatened citizens trust in the public policy process. This WIKI seeks to mitigate those challenges.

The voters agree: Secret committees, covert tribunals and back room trades for search engine rankings should not be the methods by which the future energy options for taxpayers are determined.

This WIKI, along with the ongoing investigations by Congress, news media and law enforcement community have already set new legal precedents, terminated corrupt individuals and saved taxpayers hundreds of millioms of dollars. This site allows applicants to log, track and publicly report all action, inaction and confusion.

Everyone involved looks forward to the exciting work ahead.