[–] HighEnergyLife 24 points (+24|-0)  ago 

Absolutely obvious search result manipulation. Good experiment.

My experience for dropping ggle was when it became impossible to find reviews or forums for certain mechanical parts. All results were ads. Pages and pages of ads.

[–] matthew-- 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

This, I specifically ad in the word review or forum, but that doesn't seem to work as well nowadays.

Either way, if you're looking for a new (better) search engine, I'd advise you try out searx.me. The vids and pictures results are lacking, but it does VERY well on the standard search. I've been using if for a week or so now, and no regrets yet.

[–] draaaak 20 points (+20|-0)  ago 

Google, once the best search engine, is now the worst.

[–] GazeboCathedral 13 points (+13|-0)  ago 

But Google is not a search engine anymore. It is propaganda now. I feel odd saying this because it is so obvious.

[–] ArcherMcTaco 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

same. At some point back around 2014 they just stopped giving legit results for things I wanted to know. I started bouncing around and eventually stuck with duck duck go cause I can find stuff I want with that.

[–] acheron2012 7 points (+7|-0)  ago 

This is really depressing. In a world where we hold up microsoft as a positive example there may be no hope at all.

[–] matthew-- 4 points (+4|-0)  ago 


[–] C_Corax 4 points (+4|-0)  ago 

Let's see what DDG has to say about it. Same search.

[–] bdmthrfkr 9 points (+9|-0)  ago 

[–] CowWithBeef 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Last night my wife was sure drama was unfolding outside of my home. Nope, just young black women walking by, using the street instead of the sidewalk for some reason.

[–] holaymackal 1 points (+1|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

DDG is reported to be shit now too. Owned by kikes or something. I've taken to use searx.me

[–] HulkInformation 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

It's just that they still grab a lot of their results from Google.

[–] McFucklet 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

The first result looks like an orthodox Jew, followed by some white people and the. A diverse one. This is really interesting what you and OP turned up.

[–] BlueDrache 1 points (+2|-1)  ago 

Ddg is the only honest dog in the fight.

[–] FeathersMcGraw 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

I'm curious but don't want to provide google or bing with those search terms from my IP address. Screenshots?

[–] totes_magotes 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

I find the fact that you have a "new tab" just camping out there profoundly disturbing.

[–] BLOODandHONOUR 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

I'm curious but don't want to provide google or bing with those search terms from my IP address

Anyone who isn’t using a VPN is a fooltard

[–] obvious-throwaway- [S] 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Everyone keeps saying that, but your just handing over your trust from one company to another. For all you know the VPN is a Kike honeypot waiting to release every post you've made and your home address. Every time I ask for legit trusted VPN's, everyone clam's the fuck up. So go on, tell us what VPN we should be using?

[–] Saturday405 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Your comment reminded me that I had not yet setup a VPN on my new machine. Thank you goat!

[–] CaptainChurch 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

*be like me

[–] alalzia 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

try startpage.com , they take their images from google .

[–] magic3383 2 points (+2|-0)  ago 

I work with a pretty lefty guy. Yesterday I had him search for "white couple" using Google. I think the results hit him pretty hard.

[–] Raxotic 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

It's the "get in a fight" part that's being blocked, not the "black" part.

Don't be a rube. Theyre blocking links to violence.

[–] obvious-throwaway- [S] 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

So this has nothing to do with the words "white" or "black", curious, https://www.google.com/search?q=whites+get+into+a+fight&source=lnms&tbm=isch

[–] LostandFound 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

On a side note, I use spend a lot of time searching for information and content as part of my profession. 100% unpolitical content most of the time and I cannot use Google anymore, whatever they have been doing to their algorithm they have fucked up huge datasets it seems. I have switched over to DDG now and I am very happy with the results for all search result types.

[–] prairie 2 points (+2|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

Years back Google had a retro search where you could use an older database to see the web five, ten years earlier. That made technical search results so much better.

And don't get me started about how they ruined DejaNews back in the day.

[–] CaptainChurch 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Go on....

[–] Warnos44 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Lol. Replace black with white at both.

Google just gives white apartments, pretends the other words aren't there. Hey we live in a peaceful world, goys!

Bing just gives more blacks. Guess it's fucking racist.

[–] thelma 1 points (+3|-2)  ago 

Its old news that google will not provide relevant results in an image search.

Yours was a good example.

[–] gazillions 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

AI bots must kill google.

[–] freespeechwarrior 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

It's already well underway. ;)

[–] HulkInformation 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

One of those result sets looked Jewed to high heaven if you ask me.

[–] totes_magotes 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Someone wanna take one for the team here and post a screenshot? Not going to either of those cancer sites.

[–] Pixel_loves_Polygon 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Literally everything you search on Bing brings up some kind of porn. I demonstrated this for a friend the other day. But it is by far the superior image search engine for now.

[–] boekanier 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Startpage: about the same result as google, no fights, very 'civilized'. DuckDG: much black blood te be seen.

[–] Gorillion 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Startpage just accesses Google in an anonymous session though doesn't it?

[–] boekanier 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 


[–] Pixel_loves_Polygon 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Basically yes. It's Google without the tracking. I like that is gives you the option to use a proxy when you click links. Slow as fuck but it's a nice feature. Shit image search though.

[–] recon_johnny 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Use Niggers, show same on Bing, Show more niggers on Jewgie, but no fights.

[–] 1moar 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Stopped in Athens, GA for a night about 6 month back. Morning I left, they were already going for felonies. Like the monkey cage at the zoo., sad really.

[–] kalgon 0 points (+0|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

Yeah it has been months now that every time I use google I feel like it's not diving at the depth it used to be capable of, maybe it's just me looking for more than usual obscure stuffs

Before, it was like when all search engines failed, use google, the eye of sauron, and you'll find anything

Today not so much, it feels like it's not that much better if any better

That said, oddly, you still get the best result for "jew msm"




[–] BearShills 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Just what you were looking for. Very good Jewgling.

[–] theoldones 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

sees googles results


[–] Professorballs 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Thanks OP. Ridiculous hey. Google is just getting too blatant.

[–] firecat -1 points (+0|-1)  ago 

bing is google, your theory does not work because bing copy google.

[–] TeranNotTerran -1 points (+0|-1)  ago 

"white people at apartments get in fight" on Google is about the same as the black people result.

I don't think this is manipulation but different intrinsic traits of the engines.

[–] Gorillion 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Or, you know, there's just not that much content to search for?

Basically get the top line here. And even then a few of them look awful mutty.

You're making a false equivalence.