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A trillion dollar-plus political corruption case which abused taxpayers nation-wide and the public
policy system over-all.
- The victims demand justice and restitution for the fraud, harassment and interference they suffered.
These citizens must be compensated for the malicious, proven, retribution tactics, lies, toxic
poisonings, vendetta cut-offs of all government benefits, vendetta cut-offs of all employment and
revenue sources, interference, "missing hard drives" and interdiction efforts conducted, with applicants
own tax dollars, against the applicants. Neither they, their families, staff and associates will rest until
justice prevails.
- The public demands the arrest of the corrupt.
- Justice demands resolution or the repercussions will only continue to accelerate and amplify.
This crime continues to this day. The cover-ups continue to this day. The attacks on the victims and
losses by the victims continue to this day.
Senators Reid and Feinstein, White House staff and Dept. of Energy executives had insider trading
deals with Silicon Valley tech billionaires. They rigged corrupt mineral deals and internet search
systems for illegal profiteering. They used Google and Gawker Media to attack witnesses,
destroy competitors and rig the news in their favor while exploiting illicit mining and stock market
crony corruption deals. The only "Green" thing they were interested in was the cash! They had "hard-
wired" the DOE money, in advance, for the campaign financiers and simply used/defrauded the non-
crony applicants as a smoke-screen to hide their scam while monopolizing markets in a scheme agreed
to with Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod, David Plouffe and their Cartel.
Current Obama Administration agency bosses are refusing to investigate and are, essentially, running
Watergate-class cover-ups.
Through over-whelming transparency and evidence aggregation, this project seeks to document the
crimes, on public record, on a permanent basis; and, without breaking a single law, terminate the
corrupt and their corruption.