California May Become National 'Cry Closet' For America

Art student displays โ€œCry Closetโ€ for stressed out students during finals

Art student displays "Cry Closet" for stressed out students during finals

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- If you've done the college experience then you know finals can be rough!

But Nemo Miller, an art student at the University of Utah is trying to cushion the final's week blow by creating an escape for students who might be feeling the finals week pressure.

It's called the "Cry Closet!"

The art project went viral after someone posted a picture of it on Twitter which ended up getting hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

But you can't just go in there willy nilly! There are rules they have to follow.

For example, you gotta knock before barging in (you don't want to interrupt someone mid-cry), one person at a time for only ten minutes, and use #cryclosetuofu if posting on social media.

Some of the students are pretty on board with the idea:

Others, not so much.

Of course, some are thinking of some not so PG related ideas!

With student loans, exams, and having to start adulting, no wonder college kids need a good cry every once in a while!