We are the Advanced Voluntary Electronic National Group-Excellence Reinforcement Services

Our current core mission is to terminate, 100% legally, every corrupt oligarch (and the politicians they own) in Silicon Valley!

We have been accomplishing this with our own CIA/FBI-type team of reporters, intelligence officers, FBI agents, lawyers, forensic researchers, AI corruption-hunting engines, private investigators and any member of the public that wishes to join the crowd-sourced research efforts.

We have already terminated; caused the indictments or arrests of; and filed cases against; over 150 well-known public officials, oligarchs and their covert operatives.

We write DEA-6 draft reports, FBI 302 pre-interview draft reports, lawsuits, case files and related law enforcement preparation materials and submit those to all jurisdictional agencies with transparency-protection copies to all related interested agencies and parties.

We file "Criminal case referrals" and "Demands For Arrest" with the FBI.

We file cases with the FEC, SEC, OSC, GAO, DOJ, FTC and Congressional Investigation Committees.

We have the legal authority, and training, to arrest any corrupt party, at any time, and in any location, for remand to the FBI or State Police.

We sue corrupt entities in large public-interest law suits.

We conduct mole surveillance within corrupt organizations for the preparation of case materials.

We monitor each corrupt person with the skill and exactitude of the NSA or CIA supported by millions of average citizens.

We are one of the most novel and effective anti-corruption entities in the world.

We always get our target!