Alex Jones Demands Right to Congressional Hearing

  • “You may not like me, you may despise my politics, but I am the canary in the coal mine”

The argument that Facebook is a private company and can do what it wants doesn't hold water when it's clearly a case of political censorship to ingratiate itself with the powers that be

Alex Jones has asked to appear in front of a Congressional hearing to defend his right to free speech and expose the horrific precedent Big Tech has set by banning Infowars.

In a series of tweets, the radio host demanded his right to respond to Democrat lawmakers who have been lobbying Facebook and Google to ban Infowars for months.

“I respectfully ask Congress to allow me to face my accusers,” he tweeted. “There have been multiple hearings where the banning of Infowars has been discussed & lobbied for by Democrats. Now it’s happened. I want to attend an open session where I am allowed to defend my right to free speech.”

Jones is referring to hearings last month during which Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL). demanded Facebook shut down Infowars.

At a hearing last year, Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley also pressured Twitter to remove Infowars content, a request with which they complied.

Jones also demanded his right to “not to be ‘unpersoned’ by giant corporations who act like monopolies” and to “expose how this is all about moving towards a Communist Chinese-style ‘social credit score’ dystopia.”

“You may not like me, you may despise my politics, but I am the canary in the coal mine,” said Jones. “They want to set a horrendous precedent which will strangle free speech online, FOREVER.”

“Should billionaires & huge corporations get to decide what we can say and read? Don’t let them win!” he concluded.

Jones also blasted CNN, which has led an intensive lobbying campaign to have Jones banned, including claims that Infowars has encouraged “bullying” and glorified violence.

“It’s the height of hypocrisy for CNN to claim Infowars engages in “bullying,” tweeted Jones. “We don’t send camera crews to doxx and harass old ladies outside their homes like CNN did. We don’t threaten to doxx people who create memes like CNN did,” he added, referring to when a CNN film crew showed up at a Florida woman’s home to accuse her of “Russian collusion”.

“The media was weaponized mob outrage to silence “offensive” speech,” tweeted Jones. “CNN has led a lobbying campaign to shut down a competing network. This isn’t journalism, this is activism. In Russia, the government shuts down the media, in America, giant corporations take on that role.”

He went further, accusing the network of promoting wars that have killed millions of people.

“CNN accuses Infowars of glorifying violence. How many wars did CNN glorify? Your chief national security analyst advocated the invasion of Libya,” tweeted Jones in reference to a 2011 article by Peter Bergen which argued for military intervention.

A war which led to the migrant crisis, the rise of ISIS & hundreds of thousands of deaths. How is that not glorifying violence?” asked Jones.

“Are conservatives just going to sit back and let CNN thought police the nation?” asked the radio host. “We need congressional hearings, we need a task force, we need to say no more.”

“You may despise Alex Jones and Infowars, but I’m the beta test for a wider purge. If you do nothing, you’ll be next,” warned Jones

Source: Infowars