An Unremarkable Man - Attacked By Silicon Valley


By Wendy Brown – Submission for ProPublica

The government gave him a mission to “save America”! For his efforts he got killed; over and over and over again. Essentially, they sent him into a den of starving hyenas and gave him a suit made of raw meat. He never had a chance.

Now, though, circumstances have changed and the protagonist of this tale may be positioned for an epic David V. Goliath turn-around.

We will call him David to protect his identity. David had spent his life building and managing things for national community groups. He had won many awards, seminal patents, commendations from The White House, Congress, Mayors, The State Assembly and numerous accolades from CEO’s around the nation. He has hundreds of reference letters for his extraordinary community service work. He was often photographed and videoed with some famous Presidential big shots and dated best friends of White House leaders. We was a true bi-partisan public policy person and got along great with all political parties.

He had built Sony’s internet video-on-demand technology and was featured in Sony’s federal patent filings as the sole source of Sony’s inspiration. He produced the Better Homes and Gardens and San Francisco homes-of-the-future public demonstration homes. He built and operated the first Google and YouTube before Google or YouTube even existed. His accomplishments are vast. He was the person you could always call on when there was a “Mission Impossible” type problem that needed solving.

One of those calls, though, ended up being lethal.

As the Iraq War was evolving, CIA and DIA agents, who David had built gadgets for, saw that the relations between the USA and the Middle East were eroding at a geometrically increasing pace. In the Congressional Iraq War Bill, The U.S. Congress awarded David a commendation for his inventions and a grant of millions of dollars for David’s Team to build “America’s energy back-up plan”.

David built the new domestic energy technology and it worked, won awards and patents and provided the cleanest, 100%-domestic-sourced energy solution in the world for defense and retail markets.

There was one problem with it. The new President of the United States had traded campaign financing for a monopoly on the competing energy technology. David got to find out about this covert deal the hard way.

Silicon Valley was handed the monopoly on lithium ion batteries exploited via the vast Afghan War lithium fields and the CIA-leveraged Bolivian lithium mines. The technology that David was working on made the trillion dollar lithium batteries obsolete. Nobody ever told David and his Team about the Silicon Valley Cartel’s insider deal until it was too late.

The Silicon Valley Cartel headed by John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Vinod Khosla, Larry Page, Steve Westly, Elon Musk and their minions, had made the deal with political campaign bosses David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanual, Bill Daley, Valarie Jarrett and John Podesta. In the rush to grab U.S. Treasury cash, the bad guys left out a key element: due diligence. The lithium ion concept had some horrific downsides.

It turns out, according to hundreds of new safety reports, that lithium ion batteries have a few problems: “...Lithium ion batteries poison & kill the workers that make them! Lithium ion batteries have burned numerous people alive in their cars! Lithium ion batteries poison and permanently disable factory workers who make them and nearby villages by the factories! Lithium ion batteries fires cannot be extinguished by fireman! Lithium ion batteries materials rely on corrupt mining scams in war torn Afghanistan and corrupt Boliva! Lithium ion batteries explode if they get bumped! Lithium ion batteries explode if they get wet! That's right, putting water on a lithium ion battery fire only makes it WORSE! Lithium ion batteries explode when they pass through certain energy fields and LENR's!Lithium ion batteries explode one after the other and set adjacent batteries off. Lithium ion batteries explode EVEN MORE OVER TIME because their chemistry becomes more and more unstable! Lithium ion batteries explode TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES PER YEAR and the incidents are hushed up by politicians who own stock in these batteries! Lithium ion batteries are the #1 cause of major airlines passengers suddenly "smelling smoke"! Lithium ion batteries are the singles largest cause of sudden fires in FEDEX and UPS trucks! Lithium ion batteries have set thousands of children and senior citizens on fire! Lithium ion batteries have crashed, or almost crashed, a large number of airplanes! Tesla's Motors and Steve Chu were fully aware of these facts 18 years ago but they selected speedy profits over public safety! The toxic fumes from a lithium ion battery that has a thermal venting leak will give you CANCER according to Panasonic and 42 government documents! The toxic fumes from a lithium ion battery that has a thermal venting leak will ALSO give you BRAIN DAMAGE, LUNG DAMAGE, LIVER DAMAGE and MUTATE YOUR UNBORN CHILD according to Panasonic and 42 government documents! Obama Administration White House staff and Dept. of Energy Staff and California Senators and their Silicon Valley campaign financiers own the profits in these batteries and they are who covered these facts up!...”

So there’s that.

Dave then had a “hit-job” put on him because the technologies he was working on obsoleted the Silicon Valley crony energy payola kick-back scheme that the Silicon Valley Cartel was up to. You probably first heard about that when you read about the FBI Raid on a company called Solyndra in Fremont, California. Solyndra is Tesla Motors neighbor and finance associate. The payola scheme at Solyndra cost the U.S. taxpayers over $535 million dollars in losses. That was just the beginning.

Because Dave was asked to help federal investigators with their law enforcement investigation of the Silicon Valley corruption, the bad guys doubled down on the hit job.

David found himself poisoned, hacked, blacklisted, targeted, character assassinated, attacked and subjected to a “kill order” that experts believe cost over $30M to execute. Imagine having attack materials about you sent to 7.5 billion people across the internet, your employers, recruiter databases, clients, girlfriends, fiancée and neighbors, year after year.

In the recent leaks and political upheavals; emails, documents, financial records, and more, have proven David’s concerns to have been true. The world has seen the scope of “hit-jobbing” in the news articles about Julian Assange, Hulk Hogan, Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News, Monica Lewinsky and tens of thousands of others who endured hit-job take down attacks organized by special interest groups. Hit-jobs are real and they happen every day. In the worse case scenario, people are actually murdered. Over 30 people who crossed paths with this Silicon Valley Cartel turned up suspiciously dead including Gary D. Conley, David Bird, Rajeev Motwani, Ravi Kumar, Karl Slym and many more.

David went from millions of dollars in assets, and a great job, to zero, in the blink of an eye. In the Bay Area, the average minimum salary for a person with David’s experience, skills and credentials is $10K per month. The average tech executive has a salary of at least $160K per year. The bad guys set out to drain David down to zero in order to terminate any ability for him to fight back.

They under-estimated his resolve and his Washington alliances.

The hit-job operators were getting an average salary of $330K per person/per year from Google and Gawker Media, as recent court records disclose. The bosses of those hit job operations received tens of millions of dollars in bonuses, stock and other assets and they had hundreds of billions of dollars of servers designed to manipulate information. It must be hard for David and his associates to watch the opposition buy mansions, jets and sports cars every month at David’s expense.

David was hopelessly out-gunned.

Now David is seeking to fight back. Newer FBI, CIA, News organization and White House advisors have identified each and every person, and group, that attacked David and his Team. David, Peter Thiel and a host of others who were attacked, have joined forces to bankrupt, sue and legally terminate every single one of these heinous entities. They are working with 100% legal means, reporting daily to the new FBI and other agencies and have the aligned support of over 200 million voters who also believe that organized corruption and covert political hit-jobs against citizens must become a thing of the past.


Some of those attacked were highly paid surgeons, broadcasters and politicians who could afford a bit of a battle. David was just an unremarkable tech guy. David has exhausted his life savings fighting for years against the attackers. One community law group volunteered to sue one of the attackers but the U.S. Government ruled that David could get no cash from that particular case. Ironically, that particular case was a lawsuit against The U.S. Government itself. In a bizarre circumstance, one part of the U.S. Government helped David sue another part of the U.S. Government in a first-ever type of public anti-corruption lawsuit. So far the bad guy part of the feds has said “no cash for you” but that self-interested stance may not hold out for long.

David and his team did get a historical ruling by the federal court saying that his Team was the first in history, that the U.S. Government would admit to in federal court records, that had a hit-job run on them using taxpayer resources as the reprisal portion of a corruption scam.

David and his Team are moving forward with the ongoing lawsuit against the federal agency that was they key part of the corruption scheme because, as David says: “it is the right thing to do and we owe the rest of the people of America the opportunity to end this kind of corruption...”. So far, that case has resulted in the termination of the U.S. Secretary of Energy, an Attorney General and 40 federal employees on corruption charges. It has set national legal precedents and, as a by-the-way, caused the Crowd-Funding Act to get passed so that technologists like David could bypass the Silicon Valley Venture Capital Cartel.

David and his Team are looking to the direct attackers to get their cash back in other lawsuits they plan to file.

What are David’s and his Team’s losses to date? Over three billion dollars! The damages are huge because the attackers took that money from David’s companies and put it in their bank accounts and made hundreds of billions of dollars. Three billion dollars is only a week of profits for the opposition. It is a drop in the bucket to them.

Still, that is quite a price to pay for acting in service to your nation! David would seem to have some IOU’s due for his decades of hard work on the technologies.

Some of the names behind the Silicon Cartel are listed above but David’s task is even more potent than just taking on just those billionaires. The companies he must sue include: Sony Pictures, Univision, Google, Facebook, Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures and Tesla Motors.

Daunting? You might say so...BUT...

In a strange twist of fate, there is some major potential upside for the underdogs: Every single other person who has sued these people for the same thing recently has won! Washington DC, legal precedents, leaked document exposure, news coverage and public attitude has undergone a seismic shift in 2017; all of which points David to a WIN in every case if he can get a good lawyer.

This cartel has done everything you can imagine to keep David from getting in front of a jury. They all know that with the evidence and facts, now available, a decent legal Team can knock each of those famous Defendants for a loop, one after the other.

David and his friends are not giving up. Says David: “There are over 300,000 lawyers in the world and my friends, helpers and I will knock on every one of their doors until we find ones with the balls to go head to head with these corporate bullies. Even if we have to hire law firms from overseas..”

David needs law-firms who will work on what is called a contingency or deferral fee basis. This structure means that they wait to get their fees until after the jury awards damages. The damages are in very high numbers because the bad guys each made over $10B each at the expense of David, his Team and their international energy, vehicle and media companies.

The time bar, also known as the “statute of limitations” never runs out on David’s cases because the Defendants digital attacks and infringements occur daily. This resets the clock every single day for David. The new leaks and federal disclosures keep appearing weekly.

David and his folks can now also accept support from equity investments. Peter Thiel famously invested in Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker/Univision and Thiel got spectacular upside out of that. David is seeking the same kind of investment for his cases. Either a great high-net-worth investor or a contingency law firm can be the solution for David. It could even be a combination of both.

David is one decent law firm away from getting his life back. The bad guys have sent fake lawyers to offer to “help” David’s Team but they were discovered to have actually been covertly working for Sony or Google as “moles”. David now has a deeper vetting process for legal resources.

David needs a few good law firms with skills, integrity and moxie. Know any up for the task?

David will now seek to sue the bad guys for patent infringement, RICO law violations, interference, cyber-stalking, fraud, bodily harm and anti-trust law violations. These are big cases with big upside.

The bad guys made on fatal mistake. When they spent millions attacking David they left too many fingerprints on their dirty tricks evidence.

I checked all of this out. The U.S. Patent Office has vast files proving David’s claims and his issued record breaking seminal patents and inventions to him. The dates and time-stamps on volumes of material show that David was first and the Silicon Cartel copied him after coming in to spy on his technology. Major network TV news segments with David on-camera, confirm all of the facts. I read multiple federal court records on permanent public file and those documents confirm everything about David’s story. I saw the original commendation letters from Presidents of the United States and the most respected people in America and I called some of their offices and confirmed the validity of those stories. The only negative media I found on David was on the servers of Gawker Media, Univision and the media players hired to attack him. I spoke with Congressional investigators at all of the Congressional ethics offices and read their files and they confirm that David’s facts are right on the money. I could not find records showing any of David’s case points to be false. I did find Senator’s, renown journalists, Federal staffers, investigators and other well known parties who confirm David’s facts. When I put the names and keywords of this article in the top six non-Google search engines in the world I find millions of news stories that validate everything David has told me. I see his Team’s name in Sony’s patent filings and the other records referred to so I am going to believe his side of things.