Dear GAWKER and GIZMODO assassins:

Where is your morality?

That is the question for each player in the Gawker/Gizmodo cases?

As a player in the Gawker/Gizmodo cases, you are either:

A.) a criminal and an enabler of horrific crimes against the public;


B.) a prosecutor working on behalf of the taxpayers and individuals.

A new reality has manifested the guarantee that the answer to that question will affect the rest of your life if you are part of this thing.

An alliance of interested parties, has built a global documentation and crime analysis system that equals anything that any intelligence or media agency has deployed. That system is documenting this case, every person in it, and the results, for the public, for the rest of the lives of those who engaged in these crimes.

To put things in perspective;

Imagine that you were sitting at your run-of-the-mill 9 to 5 workplace one day and you got a phone call saying that you, your workmates and your family were about to be killed. You were told that you were about to be killed because you reported a crime. This happened to many of us.

Does that sound like a mafia retribution and reprisal situation? Does it make it better, worse or just simply weirder if you find out that the call came from one of President Barack Obama’s top advisors?

This actually happened to the victims of the Gawker/Gizmodo attacks

One person was hauled out of his job and fired in the middle of the day because Gawker/Gizmodo Media had sent a FAX of a hatchet job character assassination article, produced by Gawker and Gizmodo Media, to his employer’s HR office. Gawker followed the FAX up with threatening phone calls.

Why did Gawker suddenly spring up a series of attack articles and character assassination videos, out of the blue, when no other publication on Earth had found any reason to target this one person?

Because Gawker/Gizmodo covertly works for Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, The DNC and their financiers Elon Musk, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and John Doerr. That cartel of politicos feared that the testimony of this person, in the near future, would expose an epic scheme of political corruption and election rigging. They hired Gawker/Gizmodo to produce these attacks. We have absolute proof of this. These people will do anything to stop the evidence from appearing in court or in the media.

Most of the victims of this case have been black-listed from court presentation and/or fair and equitable court opportunities. The opposition parties have warned and threatened law firms and litigation investors that they will be harmed if they take the cases of victims against the opposition. Judges, with political affiliations aligned with the Defendants, have blockaded victims from hearings. Copies of this evidence have now been provided to Christopher Wray at the FBI, The U.S. Congress and other major agencies and independent media outlets.

Victims have been warned that they will be attacked again by Gawker, Gizmodo, Google, Jalopnik and the other partners in the “Fake news” group of which Gawker/Gizmodo is a part if they “raise further outcry”. Google is Gawker/Gizmodo’s financial and political partner in these crimes. Google works with Gawker/Gizmodo to lock all of their attacks on the front page of every web search on Earth, FOREVER!

Since almost nobody can get a fair hearing in this case unless they are a friend of Peter Thiel, other methods had to be devised. While it is fairly easy to hire a gang like MS-13 to kill Nick Denton and the other Gawker and Gizmodo attackers and financiers, the law enforcement community general frowns on such honor killings involving actual blood.

The worst of the bunch are the scum-bag lawyers who service Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media and Univision and help them skirt the law. By working for Gawker/Gizmodo they have fired a red flare to announce to the world that they are the lowest forms of life who will help money launderers, mobsters, adulterers, political bribery schemes and other filth slide through the streets of commerce on their slime-powered scams. Every client of a Gawker/Gizmodo lawyer should be investigated for tax fraud, tax evasion, bribery and corruption!

The law does, though, provide a number of creative ways to exact revenge upon those who try to kill you, even if the police and the courts refuse to allow you to access the traditional court-room.

As one email states: “...As a criminal or instigator of the attacks on innocent individuals you will now be punished for the rest of your life for the loss of life, income and future potential that you caused to innocent victims in your thirst for power and corruption. You are being 100% legally surveilled forever. Any time your hacked documents or emails appear on the web we will scour them word-by-word with deep semantic analysis software and hunt down every reference to tax evasion, sex workers, bribery, political crime, real estate fraud and ANY other crime or illicit action they engage in...” There is no possible way to hide from the public forensics hobbyists and CIA/FBI-class experts who are focused on bringing justice home in this matter.

When you try to end someone’s life, you create an enemy for life. In this case the friends, family and peers of these victims have sworn a life-time pledge to hunt down and legally terminate every single person involved in operating the attacks. Because these attacks threatened the public, in a number of ways, millions of taxpayers are now helping to deliver justice.

Some of the victims of the Gawker/Gizmodo attacks have walked away with brand new homes or a life-time of cash in payment for the attacks on them. Most of the victims, though, have been blocked from their day in court, black-listed from legal financing and from attorney representation and thrown into the “collateral damage” bin of the latest political division that America has descended to.

The problem though, is that, by taking away everything they have, and cutting off their Constitutional rights, the Gawker/Gizmodo attacks have created enemies with nothing to lose who have the resources of the CIA, FBI, White House and most of the taxpaying public on their side.

Expect things to get even more interesting for the Gawker/Gizmodo weasels who thought they were “untouchable” and who thought that they could commit any crime.

This is NEVER, EVER, EVER going away until the victims of Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media and Univision Media's global digital character assassination efforts get justice!