My very experienced mentor says that Elon Musk is a fraud

- Jeffrey Epstein's Buddy: Musk, Has a Hell Of A Bunch Of Dirty Secrets

Eray Özkural, Founder

Musk is certainly a fraud. He has zero technological breakthroughs, and cool inventions of his own. Some physics Msc. dropout because he apparently doesn’t have enough IQ. He just hired some engineers way smarter than himself, and is good at being a PR clown.

He claimed among other things:

  1. AI is the devil, it will kill us all.
  2. We live in a simulation. (Some idiots watched The Matrix.)
  3. Nanotechnology is bullshit.
  4. Tesla self driving is better than human (it killed people, made a lot of accidents that shouldn’t have happened).
  5. Re-usable rockets are a great innovation in space (no just wasting funds and holding back progress) EDIT: I think this is only half true, it did achieve great cost savings in the launch market, and achieved market domination, but it is by no means a significant breakthrough in space, at least it looks like it wasn’t his invention, looks like he just hired engineers that made a scrapped NASA project. He seems like just a mediocre programmer with no understanding of advanced engineering in any field.

My verdict is that Musk is a typical American fraudster, like a lot of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

He is however great at raising funds, selling visions, and paying engineers to build cool stuff. That doesn’t mean the image his PR machine projects is entirely factual, though.


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