Gawker NY Court Tries To Put Nazi-like Squeeze on Plaintiffs in order to protect Obama & Clinton Buddies. Court Ends Up Bringing Congressional Investigation and White House Review on itself.

By Peter Sano – For The LA Times

New York- It turns out that Hillary Clinton’s best friends and financiers are running the Gawker, Gizmodo, Univision bankruptcy case ( # 16-11700 in Southern District Court). Even the Judge in the case is Hillary’s good friend, according to The New York Post. It turns out that Elon Musk is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest political financiers. Elon Musk today used Gizmodo to attack the UAW auto workers and has previously used Gizmodo to attack multiple Plaintiffs in the Gawker Defamation, fraud and abuse cases. It turns out that in a day and age when Donald Trump’s phone calls are being hacked; poor Elon Musk has to accept the fact that phone calls and emails between Musk and Gawker giving “kill orders” against Plaintiffs are also being held by Plaintiffs.

Judge Bernstein filed some kind of notice that orders Plaintiffs to relinquish their First Amendment rights and never speak about the case, never help other Plaintiffs and never seek restitution for the horrific acts done to them. Judge Bernstein and his staff have refused to ever allow Plaintiffs to appear in, or speak in, Court because their evidence blows an epic political corruption scheme sky high. Plaintiffs distributed their evidence to every reporter in the world, in order to prevent such freedom of speech abuse, and now the Court has no option but to deal with the fall-out.

The Federal Government and the ACLU have a different message for the New York Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York and the staff therein: “F*CK YOU!” Says Congress, The White House, The GAO and the top human rights organizations in the world! “...You don’t get to censor the public and abuse Human Rights, Judge Bernstein!”

XP Vehicles, one of the Plaintiffs has filed a federal Complaint against the New York Courts for Constitutional Rights Violations and has personally communicated with the White House and the FBI that the Court in New York is operating a cover-up for federal campaign finance fraud crimes and violating multiple Constitutional laws.

XP Vehicles has a very large retail fan club and when those fans started sharing newspaper and Congressional investigation documents with other Plaintiffs and the Court, documents which proved that the criminal charges Plaintiffs were making were true, the Court tried to issue a Hitlerian media black-out and Fake News cover-up order to stop the information from reaching the MSM. This is against the law! No Court can order the news to be censored and no Court can order a Plaintiff removed from a case in order to protect crooked friends of the Court.

The facts are that XP Vehicles staff dated Hillary Clinton’s staff and knows Washington DC intimately. New York State is one of the only States Hillary “won” in. Elon Musk gives orders and Money to Clinton, Gawker, Gizmodo and Obama and they give Musk and his “Silicon Valley Cartel” government goodies worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Elon Musk took XP’s money and used it to make his cars. XP cars beat Tesla cars on every metric, cost 80% less, go vastly further and are massively safer than Elon Musk’s cars. Musk hates XP for this. Most of the New York Southern District Court Gawker Case opposition and Court staff are friends and financiers of Hillary Clinton. XP has stated that they have proof of an epic crime and have asked the White House for 6 hand-picked FBI agents to help deliver the evidence to Congress and various ongoing investigations. Today XP and associates testified to this before the U.S. Congress. Trillions of dollars of Obama and Clinton kick-backs are involved in this case. The 60 Minutes Episode: The Cleantech Crash, exposes a small part of the story. Elon Musk was promised huge kick-backs by Hillary Clinton.

Say XP Plaintiffs: “This is a felony-class cover-up to try to shut up public discourse and media disclosure in an epic crime. The New York Southern District Court should be ashamed of itself and the American public should let the court know what voters think of this kind of protection scheme operated by Court officials to protect dirty politicians and bribery programs!”

The Court wants to make New York a SANCTUARY CITY for Gawker, Gizmodo and Univision’s criminal corruption endeavors. The White House and Congress think that is a bad idea!

XP is awaiting a response from various subcommittees and the FBI. XP plans to file additional complaints.

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