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George Soros Shut It Down for Tucker Carlson Advertiser Using Puppet

Stunning new evidence shines light on a George Soros-backed effort to shut down the advertising revenue of Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, in what looks like more foreign meddling in the inalienable rights of American citizens.

On immigration, Tucker Carlson said last night, "We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided.”

This apparently triggered the likes of George Soros and company, who quickly went to work attacking Carlson.

Typical tricks.

Soros, a quickly aging Jewish businessman and philanthropic mastermind, has seen an increasing threat in the surging popularity of Tucker Carlson, whose only crime is that he notices things and understands the equation.

It wouldn't be long before Jordan Uhl, a puppet employee of Move On and George Soros, took to social media to attempt to remove Tucker Carlson's advertising revenue on Fox News.

Last night, Tucker Carlson opened his show by saying immigration makes America “poorer, and dirtier, and more divided."

An offensive, dehumanizing and racist statement.

That segment ended with an ad from @pacificlife.
— jordan (@JordanUhl) December 14, 2018

Here's Tucker's comments next to neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin on his site "Daily Stormer"

Again, @pacificlife advertised on that segment.
— jordan (@JordanUhl) December 14, 2018

Enough is enough. Take action. Tell advertisers to stop sponsoring Fox News
— jordan (@JordanUhl) December 14, 2018

Jordan Uhl then continued his tirade against Tucker Carlson by reaching out directly to one of Fox News’ advertisers on the show, Pacific Life, in an effort to pull the financial incentive.

On Twitter, Uhl bragged about what he was doing showing screenshots of the messages he's sent to the company.

UPDATE: @PacificLife says they will not advertise with Tucker Carlson in the next few weeks and reevaluate their relationship with him going forward.

Will keep an eye on Tucker and see if/when they resume advertising and let you all know.
— jordan (@JordanUhl) December 14, 2018

Pacific Life apparently caved to the pressure, without hesitation.

The company then issued their own statement as to their decision to pull advertising from Fox News’ and Tucker Carlson’s hourly series, which airs Monday through Friday evenings.

A message from Pacific Life:
— Pacific Life (@pacificlife) December 14, 2018

That didn't put a stop to the gleeful gloating of Jordan Uhl, who continued to smear Tucker Carlson and his supporters for his rhetoric.

Soon, Uhl would demand that the other advertisers on Tucker Carlson’s nightly series follow the cowardice of Pacific Life, and end their advertising.

Fox News doubled down on Tucker's comments.

Pacific Life dropped.

What about his other advertisers?@ask_progressive@subaru_usa@mitsucars@expedia@CapitalOne@indeed@LibertyMutual@Varidesk@JennyCraig@Bowflex@AstraZeneca@Nutrisystem@WeatherTech@GSK@pfizer@Allergan
— jordan (@JordanUhl) December 14, 2018

If you can't silence the message of your opponent, you attempt to remove his source of funding. When that doesn't work, you create a false controversy through the use of social media in order to pressure the advertisers.

Tucker Carlson isn't alone. This tactic is one being used by modern-day Marxists against anyone and everyone they deem as a threat.

Prominent insurance company Pacific Life is pausing and reevaluating its advertising relationship with Tucker Carlson's Fox News show after a Thursday night segment during which he suggested that mass immigration makes the United States "dirtier."
— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) December 14, 2018

One of the more common methods for use in the case of average Americans is that they're simply trying to deplatform those with “wrong think” from social media.

If you express a controversial opinion that the mainstream powers that be disagree with, you're banned or suspended if not permanently from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Even Gab has suspended users while proclaiming to be a “free speech” website.
Here is Richard Spencer saying that "there's no question" that Fox News' Tucker Carlson is aware of the Alt-Right and that Carlson, along with frequent Fox guest Ann Coulter, is one of the "very few" mainstream conservatives he finds interesting.
— Jason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) December 15, 2018

This type of behavior is a tactic utilized against many cultures throughout history, which in turn have given birth to furious and oftentimes fascist movements.

George Soros is one of the world's most notorious allegedly self-hating “philanthropists,” whose many endeavors include

Soros no doubt sees a legitimate and rising threat in Tucker Carlson, as do the elite establishment media.

In recent weeks, they've labeled Tucker Carlson everything from a “White Nationalist,” to a neo-Nazi for his hard-line immigration views. Those views are popular among the majority of Americans, who voted for Donald Trump in order to build a wall along the Southern border. Throughout the last two years, vicious assaults such as this have become the social norm among the left.

They're tyrants, plain and simple.

What ever you do, dont retweet this to @pacificlife We dont want them to know that every red state conservative will be done with them as an insurance provider for bailing out on @TuckerCarlson
— Mark Young (@MarkYoungTruth) December 15, 2018

Americans aren't taking this lying down, and have sworn to revolt against Pacific Life in response.

Many are switching insurance policies away from Pacific Life for their desire to side with an international and wanted criminal, George Soros.

Pacific Life Insurance company is succumbing to liberal pressure and cutting their advertising from Tucker Carlson's show. Time to switch your policy.

Here are alternatives:
- Northwestern Mutual (best in class)
- State Farm Life
- Guardian Life

Get woke, go broke.
— Curse (@cursedsalad) December 15, 2018

They'll soon understand that they've chosen to mess with the wrong man.

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