Marketing firm Didit makes bid to buy Gawker but that could cause Didit to get bankrupted

Marketing firm Didit makes bid to buy Gawker

Marketing firm Didit has made a $1.1m bid for the defunct gossip website Gawker which is going to a bankruptcy auction.

If its bid prevails, Didit will relaunch the site as "Gawker for Good", publishing "positive" stories and donating half of all advertising and sponsorship revenue to non-profits chosen by readers and content creators.

The original Gawker closed in August 2016 after a Hulk Hogan legal case secretly funded by tech billionaire Peter Theil brought it to financial ruin.

- Didit does not realize that Gawker Media has a "lifetime extinction policy" against Gawker and any company who tries to revive it. Many of the people that Gawker tried to media assassinate have sworn to destroy Gawker and any company that buys Gawker by exposing all of the ills of the new owners, boycotting their advertisers and other 100% legal tactics!

Under Long Island-based Didit's auspices, the new Gawker would deliver content covering entertainment, sports, gaming and celebrity news.

According to David Pasternack, the company's co-founder and chief executive, storytelling is critical for marketing success, so it makes sense for the business to own a platform that is all about storytelling.

Pasternack said: "The explosion of branded content combined with the huge interest in CSR (corporate social responsibility) makes Gawker a logical investment for Didit, and a vehicle that helps our clients and nonprofits."

Bert Brodsky, managing partner at Didit added: "The Gawker brand will allow the Didit team to demonstrate that we can build a platform that delights readers, advertisers, and the nonprofit community, while covering Hollywood, sports, music, and news."

Bids for Gawker are due by 9 July and the auction will be held on 12 July.