NOW, You Can See The Secret Documents Behind The Gawker And Gizmodo Corruption Lawsuits


Revelations so shocking that Gawker Lawyers demanded that Court records be "RESTRICTED" ...BUT... your reporters in New York City can see them if they move fast.

Send your New York City Reporters to the Offices of Prime Clerk at:

830 Third Avenue, 9th Floor  New York, NY 10022 

Office Phone 212 257 5450

Have them demand public access, FOIA and reporter access to the electronically restricted, sealed PUBLIC records for Gawker Media LLC CASE # 16-11700 SMB

The Meanith Huon, XP, Terrill and Mail filings are of particular interest. The latest restricted filings from the last 3 weeks have the juiciest revelations in them. It is illegal for your reporters to be refused access to these records.