THE DEAD PEOPLE - Why We Fear For Our Lives

These are people that we knew and/or worked with and/or worked with the close associates of. These people are now all dead. They died in strange and questionable ways. Some of them told us that people had threatened them, before they died.

We have been attacked, had our cars rammed and been given a variety of death threats. Ronan Farrow is making an HBO special about the increasing attacks on reporters, like our reporters. There are over 50,000 news reports published and broadcast about the attacks that whistle-blowers have suffered. Uber, Linkedin and Google executives, who have so much money they think they are untouchable, have openly threatened whistle-blowers with dire deeds. Some of these tech oligarchs are diagnosed as "sociopaths". Would they have people killed to protect their trillion dollar oligarchy?

This is why we are concerned.

These are the dead people and they are all connected to this case: