The Enablers And Cover-Up Operators



Who Were These Crimes Reported To That

Then Ran Cover-Ups And Refused

To Allow Investigations:



Not only did these officials run cover-ups and harm their own constituents; many of them made profits from these crimes and owned stock or job commitents from the very criminals under investigation.

These people and their agencies were contacted multiple times, in writing, via time stamped digital communications, FEDEX and UPS certified mail and USPTO certified mail. It is impossible for them to deny that they ever received notice.

Copies of the reports to these persons and all related agencies have been provided to all news media and the public.

The human rights and Constitutional rights of the victims have been blockaded, denied and alienated!


Senator Dianne Feinstein


Senator Nancy Pelosi


Senator Jared Huffman


Jerry Brown’s Justice Department Lead: Ken Alex


Barack Obama


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder


FBI Director James Comey


Department of Energy Inspector General


Secretary of Energy Steven Chu


Secretary of Energy Rick Perry


White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs


White House Advisor David Axelrod


California Attorney General Kamala Harris


Senator Barbara Boxer


California Secretary of State’s Office


California Crime Victims Board –


United States Department of Justice – Obama Administration


FBI – Obama Administration - Via James Comey, Patricia Rich, David Johnson and other high ranking FBI officials


SEC – Obama Administration


CFTC – Obama Administration

FEC- Elections Agency


Secret Service – Obama Administration


Additional agency and public officials contacted provided on request...