The Sick Sociopaths At Gawker, Jalopnik, Gizmodo And The Other Denton Defamation-For-Hire Fusion GPS Clones

By Arron Lee

The predominantly homosexual staff of these publications are not only hired because they love a wiener in the butt but because they exhibit one, or another, of a common set of mental illnesses. The mind virus types most favored by the owner: Nick Denton, are: subservience, lack-of-impluse control, bad decision-making based on anger issues, infantile perception limits and previous angst issues from abusive childhoods. Their job is to take all of the rage they harbor and aim it at the next political target that Denton is hired to kill.

Nick Denton sells his soul to the DNC, The Obama White House, Elon Musk, The Google Bosses and that sort of extremist oligarch kind of crazy power-hungry client.

To move high up into the vast number of facade "brands" that Denton has created, you have to spread your morals (and sometimes your butt cheeks) at bit.

Gawker was killed for it's crimes, has tried to revive itself and will be killed again, same for Gizmodo. This tabloid cesspool of character assassins thinks that their brand names have "value". The only value they have is to be known as "The Anus Of The Internet" for all of time.

Because the hired hit-jobs on Hulk Hogan, Sean Parker, Sandy Montenegro, Sarah Palin, and hundreds of others, were so vicious, malicious and awful; Nick Denton now has a number people who would be delighted to put an ice pick through his skull.

While many have memed pictures of Nick Denton as "The Face Of AIDS"; he does not seem to be dying quick enough for most of his victims.

It has been clearly reported in the news that Denton survives on a combination of Russian mobster cash, Money from EBAY's Pierre Omidyar and ad sales from totally fake contrived ad metrics.

Google/YouTube and the Denton tabloids are political, business and sexual partners in all of this. They cross-mingle staff, flings, cash and server targeting for the same goals. Gawker/Gizmodo/Jalopnik publishes the attack articles and Google locks them on the top line, of every Google site, forever, around the globe, in front of every person on the internet.

Read the evidence below and see for yourself the bribes, sex abuses, democracy manipulations and other crimes these people engage in: