Univision, owner of Gawker, Gizmodo, wants White People out of America!

Univision ratchets up it’s hate speech and pretty much begs for a boycott of all of Univision, and Univision advertisers, by promoting dramatic racist hate diatribe! Univision is the primary promoter of illegal immigration in order to pad voter rolls for the DNC!

Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos Says America Belongs To Mexican Illegal Aliens Not White People

| by Brian Anderson

The immigration debate managed to get a whole lot dumber. Univision anchor Jorge Ramos just said that the United States doesn’t actually belong to Americans, but rather Mexican illegal aliens. As you can see, we have no right to enforce our immigration laws because a Mexican newsman says our country doesn’t even belong to us. This is as insane of a liberal argument as there is.

.@jorgeramosnews: “This our country. It’s is yours. It is mine and it is ours.” #Tucker pic.twitter.com/02MiHmwv8d
— Fox News (@FoxNews) March 9, 2017

Ramos was on Tucker Carlson Wednesday and this bile spewed out of his mouth:

“This is our country” said Ramos in a thick Spanish accent.

Ramos, who was born in Mexico, may have become an American citizen in 2008, but there is some confusion over this. That doesn’t really matter because he advocates for open borders and amnesty for all illegal aliens. When he says America is his country, he’s talking as a Mexican and means that Mexicans have just as much a right to be here as actual Americans.

“The interesting thing is that with the Trump administration and many people who supported Donald Trump thinking it is their country, it is a white country and they are absolutely wrong,” Ramos continued.

So according to this illegal alien advocate, any white person who thinks the US is their country is mistaken. Get ready for a great explanation as to why:

“This is not a white country. This is not their country; it is ours and that is precisely what I am saying,” said Ramos.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t a great explanation. As far as I can tell, Ramos feels like white people who were born in the US are no more legitimately American than Mexican illegal aliens. Actually, he seems to indicate that Mexicans have more of a claim on this country than white Americans.

Ramos tries to qualify this nonsense by saying that eventually whites will be a minority in the US so therefore he surmises that America really belongs to Latinos. This is preposterous and it doesn’t really address the fact that he believes that foreign nationals have just as much, if not more, of a right to be here than natural born American citizens.

Ramos goes on to say that America has a responsibility to treat illegal aliens better. It’s unclear what he means by that statement, but going by his previous positions, it’s safe to assume that he thinks we should let them stay and give them all of the benefits that come along with citizenship. Considering that he just stated that the country belongs to illegal aliens it’s not a bad assumption to say that he wants to just open up the border and do away with any sort of immigration enforcement.

Despite a degree from the University of Miami and decades of living in the US, Ramos’ command of the English language is terrible. Maybe he was trying to say something else and it just came out wrong. It seems unlikely because he’s a vocal Trump-hater and illegal alien supporter, but I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. If he actually meant what he said, it’s one of the worst things a person could say about the United States. This country belongs to Americans; not foreigners, not Mexicans, and certainly not illegal aliens.

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