Character Assassin gets life-time of surveillance for dirty deeds

Character Assassin gets life-time of surveillance for dirty deeds


Let’s say there was a character assassin that assisted an organized crime operation with the take-down of their enemies (reporters, competitors, etc.) by producing horrific lies, about the mob’s adversaries, and posting them everywhere on the world wide web. Let’s say this fictional character is named Adrian, or John and that they work for someone like Nick Denton; just for the sake of discussion. So this person, or persons, aided and abetted a known organized crime operation. That gets the federal law enforcement pretty interested in these parties. That gets the private investigators, for the people they attacked, pretty interested. That gets the news media pretty interested. They all figure that this person has permanent connections to the inside knowledge about this mob.

Here is what then happens to these character assassins, for the rest of their lives, per Snowden, Assange and FBI:

– Acquisition and tracking of your Comcast, Netflix, Hulu and related media uses for the last 10 years.

– Acquisition and tracking of your PG&E bills and usage curves for the last 10 years.

– Live feed observation from all cameras on your mobile devices, computers, smart devices and nearby surveillance cameras, even though those devices appear to be turned off.

– Acquisition and tracking of every keystroke on your devices via a delayed buffer file that remotely sends itself to surveillance servers when you believe your devices are turned off.

– Acquisition and tracking of all of your Paypal, credit card, debit card, club card and service card transactions for the last 10 years.

– “Stingray” device deployment in your neighborhood to spoof all of your wireless devices and create a archived database of all phone calls, text messages, voicemails and web search URLS.

– Routing your computer to spoofed URLS for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites that appear to be authentic but are actually monitoring sites.

– Acquisition, tracking and archiving of all third party business surveillance camera feeds on your daily routes of travel and any off-route deviations you may take.

– Identification and file creation for all investors, family members and associated partners who may have stock holdings or revenue access to your companies.

– Acquisition and tracking of all of your bank accounts, trust funds, shell corporations and any professional financial services people identified in the international databases for the last 20 years.

– Acquisition and tracking of the RFID circuits in your car and the radio system in your car.

– Wifi and Laser inteferomtry observance of speech surface vibrations and air space disruptions, which, essentially, mean that they can see inside buildings and hear speech without bugging anything by listening to the vibrations of nearby windows, ceramics, plastics or other objects.

– Computerized cross matrix comparison of all IRS and State tax filings compared with all revenue streams from the last 15 years.

– Computerized Cross matrix studies on you and your psychological state via the surveillance databases of Palantir, LucidWorks, Epic, PINWALE, XKeyScore, Stormwatch, Lucidworks, Recorded Future and others.

– Use of nearby Zone satellite array transponders for signal-specific targeting of your activities.

Any drugs they buy, any money they take under the table, any sex services they hire, any porn they buy, any off-shore locations they hide their money in, any lies on their tax forms, anyplace their GPS reads out; anything and everything is being watched, recorded, analyzed and archived, FOREVER! The assassins can look forward to the manifestation of a number of famous mottos: “The FBI always gets their man”, “a dead man always gets his vengeance” and “a Lanister always pays his debts”.


Public reports and investigative reporters have much to say about Nick Denton and Gawker Media. It is believed, that Gawker Media is a “hit-job” service created to character assassinate, damage and reduce the brand affect of adversaries of the Cartel. Journalists, and others, have charged Gawker Media with everything from tax evasion, to being the front for White House and Silicon Valley Billionaire “hit-jobs”, to being a targeted political agenda manipulation machine. Victims have charged that Gawker Media and Nick Denton have worked in the employ of Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs, John Doerr, Elon Musk, Steve Jurvetson and other political notables.
Gawker Media had financial connections, business connections, political connections and communications with the key suspects and took actions which helped the key suspects while attacking and damaging their adversaries. Recents leaks, investigations and lawsuits have revealed some of Gawker’s dirty secrets. Outside-of-U.S. investigations on Nick Denton’s previous activities in England, are of interest, as well. Wrestler Hulk Hogan had top celebrity endorsement value for American voters, when he was about to endorse an opposing political candidate, Gawker took him out…but, that may have been a fatal mistake for the Gawker attack dogs.
They have endured numerous abuse lawsuits from staff, victims and others. The following is some of the news coverage about Gawker Media and Nick Denton:

Dear Hulk Hogan:
We wanted to give you encouragement and applause in your trial against Gawker Media and Nick Denton.
This may be one of the biggest things you will ever do in your life.
Your case helps redeem many others, and fix a broken part of modern American society. It really is a big deal!
Many of us believe that politicians used social media metrics, and fancy calculations, to figure out that your name, attached to any political endorsements, could get tens of millions of voters to pay more attention to, or like, the candidate that you endorsed.
They felt threatened by that possibility, so they used their character assassination tool, known as Gawker Media, to take you out.
We have all seen the news, these days, about characters like Sidney Blumenthal, Richard Berman, etc, and their “take-down tools” for political paybacks.
Gawker Media showed up one day, out of the blue, in many innocent people’s lives, and took their lives away for political hit-job reasons.
Nick Denton is on camera saying his job is to destroy lives for profit. His staff refer to themselves in social media as “Character Assassins”.  When they take a target out, they never give the target a chance to counter the slander and libel they are about to print because they don’t want the victim to have a chance, in advance, to counter the vicious defamation attack they are about to blast across the media-waves .
Once Gawker fires off the attack, that the Press Office of a famous institution ordered them to do, their buddies at famous search engines lock it in top position on the internet so that Gawker can both profit from the ad sales and get paid “ damages bonuses” for the intensity of the calculated attack.
The news says they stole Romney’s tax forms, Apple’s IPOD prototype, Palin’s book, Santorum’s brand, The CIA’s Bin Ladin hunter’s secrecy, and so, so much more.. Anything, against anybody, for a buck, it seems.
Now we hear that overseas police want to talk to Denton about the British “Hydrant” and “Tabloid Phone Hacking Scandals”. We see that a young gay boy tossed a brick through Denton’s window because he said Denton abused him. We see HSBC leaks and tax investigation’s that seem to indicate that Gawker evades taxes with off-shore hide-aways.
We see lawsuits, by Gawker’s own people, for sexual and economic abuse.
These Gawker people seem to be horrific examples of the worst that a society can manifest.
Many others have lost their lives because of a sudden Gawker take-down attack. So far, there has been little, or no, justice. Someone in Washington, DC, is protecting Gawker but that shield of coverage has now seemed to have worn thin.
Go get ‘em Hulk. Your super-hero days are still alive and well.
Signed-    AMERICA


Gawker Media: Hypocrites vs. Douchecanoes

In 2002, a failed British journalist named Nick Denton started Gawker, a bitchy gossip blog run out of his Manhattan apartment. Over 10 years later, Gawker and its sister sites have become the biggest names in clickbait “journalism,” pulling down millions of visitors a month and making its owner a millionaire several times over. The secret to Denton’s success? He took the aggressive, lynch mob mentality of British tabloids, which specialize in ruining people’s lives, and injected it into America’s comparatively placid, Oprahfied media market.
In particular, Gawker, Jezebel, Valleywag, and their sister sites specialize in witch hunts: digital vigilantism against those who fail to keep up with leftist orthodoxy. Geoffrey Miller, Pax Dickinson, Justine Tunney, Violentacrez: the list of people whom Gawker has garroted for “racism” or “misogyny” could fill a phone book. With an army of Twitter twits behind it, Gawker Media truly is the moral majority of the left, instigating mob action against those who sin against the religion of toleranceGawker’s provocations are even encouraging real-world violence now, as Valleywag’s overfed man-baby of an editor Sam Biddle eggs on attacks against San Francisco tech workers from the safety of the East Coast.

“Which makes the revelation that Denton has been allowing trolls to terrorize his female employees all the more delicious.”

For the past few months, 4chan has been engaged in a trolling operation against Jezebelposting pictures of rape and gore porn in the comments section. Despite the fact that these shocking and disgusting images are stressing out staffers to the point where they’re developing PTSD, Denton has steadfastly refused to do anything about the problem. Jezebel’s staff recently snapped and posted an open letter on the site demanding that Gawker Media do something, calling 4chan’s trolling “a very real and immediate threat to the mental health of Jezebel’s staff and readers.”
Fat chance of this happening, however. As others have pointed out, Gawker Media’s business model depends on getting clicks; indeed, their writers are paid according to how many page views their articles get. Since comments help drive traffic to websites, fighting 4chan’s rape porn trolling will reduce Gawker’s profitability. Not only that, Google itself ranks web pages according to how many comments they have, as comments are extremely difficult to fake. Fewer comments means a lower page rank, which translates into less search traffic and less money for Denton to blow on exotic vacations with his boy-toy hubby. If Gawker Media was willing to testify in federal court as to why they should be allowed to rip off their interns, you can bet your bottom peso that they aren’t going to do jack about this.
And there’s the punch line. Gawker Media, the company that gets people fired from their jobs for making “sexist” jokes, has been creating a hostile work environment for its women staffers for months. They’re the leftist equivalent of a priest who rails against homosexuality only to be caught molesting altar boys in the confessional booths. In staying silent on this for so long, Dodai Stewart, Lindy West, and Jezebel’s other star employees have shown themselves to be frauds. They don’t care about feminism, “fat shaming,” or whatever cause they’re screeching about today; all they care about is money and power. And now we have the proof.

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Nick Denton charged with ordering phone-hacking, helping Anonymous hackers, stealing Mitt Romney’s tax records, hiding money in Russia and Caymans and MORE…








Adrian Covert is now under permanent surveillance by multiple private investigators and law enforcement entities






Did Covert run hit-jobs on targets to help cover a felony his bosses handlers were running with U.S. Tax Dollars? What did Covert know about Elon Musk’s and John Doerr’s felony lithium mining scam with taxpayer cash? Federal Archives of Covert writings prove he only promoted Musk and attacked Musk & John Doerr competitors.




Is blogger John Herrmann a hired character assassin hit-man for Nick Denton?

By Powers Destin
First printed in The LA Rebuke
If you look up John Herrmann in Wikipedia you find that, according to Wkipedia:
“…Herrmann soon was a part of the Ware group, a secret apparatus of the CPUSA and Comintern in Washington, D.C., which supplied classified information to Soviet intelligence. …Herrmann was a paid courier for the CPUSA, delivering material emanating from the secret cells of sympathetic government employees being cultivated by Hal Ware to New York. Herrmann also was the person who introduced … Alger Hiss.
…The Ware group’s activities were investigated …and Herrmann was placed under surveillance and questioned many times in Mexico by the FBI. He died …. from chronic alcoholism.”
That isn’t the exact same John Herrmann we know and love from Gawker Media and the Awl, but there may be eerie similarities to the Nick Denton hit-man.
This New Yorker is said to be a shill for Gawker Media, where he writes attack articles at the request of White House press corps, in order to stealth up the true instigators of the attacks. It is also claimed, that he goes online, under a massive number of pseudonyms, and writes all of the attack comments in the commenting section of the blog under each attack article. IS this true? To confirm this, one would need to subpeona FBI and NSA phone tracking and email archiving of Herrmann’s email and cell phone activities from past years.
Many targets have stated that Herrmann organizes other writers when given a “kill order” by his political handlers. They infest a blog, together, with vitriol and hate, cobbled together from non-verified facts and manipulated heresay, it is said by those he has sought to bring down.
One encounters Herrmann as a pasty, pudgy little man with the hipster affectations of dark mood swings and impertinent denial. We met him, covertly, at a coffee shop nestled among the metropolitan masses.
Does he report directly to Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney at the White House or are his orders intermediated only through Nick Denton? Only a Senate investigation has the power to uncover the tentacular connections of the attack bloggers of the web.
In this writers opinion,and mind you, these are all opinions and not facts, so do your own research, I think that Mr, Herrmann is complex and deserves more study. It is easy for one to dismiss him as a sad internet hack, one step removed from a common troll, but that would be unfair, I think. He is, most likely, much more interesting.

Was John Herrmann secretly working for IN-Q-TEL?

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