An Interview With The Public Task Force Members Fighting Against This Political Corruption

Our reporters gathered some of the key public crowd-sourced Anti-Corruption Task Force members working on two different Zoom calls. We presented the participants with general questions. The first question was to "Describe the key dynamics of this political corruption?" Here were their answers:

Scott -

"...The United States Department of Energy runs a political crony payola slush fund. They don't "support green cars"; they support "greenbacks for crony insiders who financed political campaigns". The U.S. Department of Energy violates anti-trust law by funding only the friends of The President and cutting out their competitors. The "Secretary Of Energy" is a paid actor who owns the companies that the government finances.

Competitors to White House financiers are specifically and illegally excluded from participation in funding, benefits, jobs and income by major political figures, including U.S. Senators and White House executives, and their Silicon Valley oligarch financiers. These corrupt politicians attack others who refuse to cooperate with their crimes including: 1.) sex trafficking, 2.) tax evasion, 3.) off-shore money laundering, 4.) political bribery quid-pro-quo, 5.) revolving door payola scams, 6.) foreign nation-sponsored domestic manipulations, 7.) stock market rigging, 8.) internet censorship, 9.) search engine manipulation and other crimes.

They attacked citizens who report their crimes to federal police. They also attack citizens who make products that obsoleted their products at Facebook, Google, Tesla, Netflix, etc. These corrupt politicians attack citizens using taxpayer-funded state resources. That is a felony violation of the law. The ongoing cover-up of these crimes and attacks is also a felony violation of the law. The victims are owed damages compensation, witness fees and back-pay.

IF YOU SEE CORRUPTION, REPORT CORRUPTION:  Post a public web page with all of the details and evidence of the political corruption. Then invite all of the press, public, Inspector General's, FBI, SEC, FTC and law enforcement to that web page. This will prevent cover-ups and stone-walling and protect you from getting ignored! Never assume that the agencies that are supposed to help you, will help you!

Without breaking a single law and WITH the help of the largest law enforcement and investigative resources on the planet, we have had every single party that has come after us, including some of the largest entities in the world, hunted down, and punished!

If they are attacking us in political reprisal, vendetta and revenge or because our products were better than yours and you chose to cheat rather than compete, they can expect to lose a minimum of one billion dollars in stock valuation. Corrupt politicians, criminal big tech companies and sex pervert billionaire oligarchs can never survive THE TRUTH about them coming out in public and in Congressional investigations.

We use lawsuits, federal investigations, news reports, whistle-blowers, new public regulations, anti-trust filings, FBI criminal referrals, stock-devaluations, tens of millions of crowd-sourced voters and unique AI-based forensics software.

When they attack us, when they, again,  kill our friends, when they run smear campaigns: we find every person and organization on the globe that hates them, we gather them together and aim them all at the bad guy's life! Anyone who attacks us stays on the 'shit list' for the rest of their lives plus the next 100+ years of internet time. The corrupt should add up the market valuation of all of the stock they own. Then they can watch it lose 40% to 90% of it's value and get huge investigations from the FBI, FTC, FINCEN, SEC, Interpol and activist investors!

If they come for us again, they must prepare to suffer. The politically corrupt will become a trailer park and we are the tornado!

Every stock the crooks buy is a notice to our team to bankrupt the company that the crooks invested in. Every politician that gets that stock as part of a quid pro quo bribe, will be exposed. Even if we are dead, the crook's punishment will be carried out by a legacy team of public volunteers and peers. It may happen to them tomorrow or it may be a slow-drip over the next 15 years. These big tech must Never stop looking over their shoulder. Billions of citizens with notebook computers and criminology software are coming for every single one of these corrupt insiders!

When they hire media attackers, they can expect 100 times what they do to us to come back at them and their family forever!

The FBI and other law enforcement organizations define a "cartel" as: 'An association of industrialists and business firms organized covertly to establish a national, or international monopoly, by price fixing and ownership of controlling stock, to operate a trust or monopoly to reduce competition between themselves by allocating markets, censoring public knowledge, manipulating governments or controlling the price and production of a product or service.' This case is about a "cartel" which meets every aspect of that definition...."

Cynthia -

"...White House Staff including Rahm Emanual, Bill Daley, Jay Carney, David Plouffe, Robert Gibbs, Steve Rattner, David Axelrod, John Podesta, et al; and The Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and the Chief Counsel for the United States Department of Energy Daniel Cohen and Bill Cooper were, (from 2007 forward), either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; our business adversaries, or the Senators and Department of Energy politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to. Criminal U.S. Senators coordinated and profited in these schemes. Their own family members have now supplied evidence against them. Elon Musk and his frat boys display their self-aggrandizing vanity in sociopath glory because nobody tells them "no". Now we are calling them out!

From 2007 forward, The White House and The Department Of Energy were controlled by the Silicon Valley tech oligarchs for monopolistic profiteering! That is a violation of the law, the Constitution and the American Way. The named person's we have presented to the FBI, DOJ, SEC and other agencies, engaged in crimes to personally profit in the stock market and political venues. At the same time they operated the command and control of millions of dollars of defamation, character assassination and black-list attacks against us for reporting their crimes. These perpetrators are now being exposed, arrested, indicted and drained of their ill-gotten profits. We are owed our damages compensation and we will not rest until we get it! Every member of the public is invited to help crowd-source the termination of these corrupt crooks.

We worked for, with, in and around the White House and The Department of Energy. We were at the homes of the most famous people in government and their Silicon Valley financiers. We have cooperated with top law enforcement and Congressional investigators. Additional whistle-blowers have provided our effort with even more evidence. Ourselves, and investigating agencies, have absolute proof of the crimes, corruption and illicit activities and the ongoing cover-ups.

According to the world's top internet security experts: "... Nobody can ever type anything on the internet without getting scanned, hacked, privacy abused, data harvested for some political campaign, spied on by the NSA and Russian hackers and sold to marketing companies...."

Carlton -

"...first, I want to emphasize how security-strict we are and how security-strict you should be. You can't find a corporate or email server that has not already been hacked. For $5000.00, on the Dark Web, you can now buy a copy of any person's entire dating files from, their social security records, their healthcare provider records and their federal back-ground checks. These security holes can never be patched because they exist right in the hardware of 90% of the internet hardware on Earth. Any hacker only needs to find one backdoor in a network in order to steal everything in your medical records, your Macy's account, your credit records and your dating data. If it has a plug, it has a bug! See the tips at: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix and Amazon have turned out to be not-what-they-seem. They manipulate you and your personal information for corrupt purposes. Assume anything with a plug or a battery has a bug..."

Westly -

"...the 'bad guys' in all this are the Khaki Pants Mobsters Of Palo Alto. The "Silicon Valley Mafia" is comprised of The Sand Hill Road venture-capital frat boy company bosses in Palo Alto, their National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) facade (Greylock Capital; Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Draper, Khosla Ventures, etc.) and the tech companies (Google, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) that they control.

They are sometimes referred to as "The Deep State". They have purchased California, New York and Washington, DC politicians (mostly Senators) who they also control and who own stock in their operations. They hire dirty law firms like MoFo, Wilson Sonsini, Covington, Perkins, etc. and dirty lobbyists like McBee, Podesta, Blumenthal, etc. to do their dirty deeds.

They hire rogue ex-intelligence agents to operate Fusion GPS, Gawker/Gizmodo, Black Cube, ShareBlue, New America Foundation, In-Q-Tel, Podesta Group, Media Matters, etc. massive media attack programs against competitors, reporters and outsiders. They collude with black-lists, valuation payola, election manipulation, search engine rigging, domestic spying for political manipulation, stock rigging, insider trading, Jeffrey Epstein-like executive prostitute sex-trafficking clubs, trophy wife trades, the bribery of politicians and worse. They are felons who bribe politicians to halt investigations and interdiction efforts.

They have quid-pro-quo stock market bribe deals with Senators Reid, Feinstein, Harris, Boxer, Spier, etc. In the CleanTech Crash: Every single Dept of Energy executive, and related Senator, owns stock market assets in Tesla, Fisker, Solyndra, Ener1, etc. so they blockaded and sabotaged every applicant who competed with their holdings in a RICO-violating, felony organized crime, using taxpayer funds, in order to profit at the expense of taxpayers. They are widely covered in news media articles as: 'sex abusers, cult enthusiasts, elitists, rapists, woman beaters, probiosis practitioners, sexual work extortion operators, extremists, arrogant clones of each other, tone deaf, echo-chamber reinforcing, misogynist, racist, manipulative, insecure, covertly gay, corrupt, thieves' and other anti-social revelations. The divorce court and lawsuit federal court records on them prove that they are sex-abusing sociopaths.

They use their monopolistic control of the internet to massively and exclusively scale services that only they control and use to abuse the public's privacy, human rights, invention rights and information. They run their cartel like the old Italian Mafia once did. Some of the top crooks and bribe-payers include: Google's Larry Page, his boyfriend Elon Musk; Google's Eric Schmidt, Andy Rubin, David Drummond, Kent Walker, Jared Cohen and Sergy Brin; Political manipulators David Plouffe, Steve Westly, Steve Spinner and Vinod Khosla; Sociopath billionaires Reid Hoffman, Richard Blum, Jeff Epstein, Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, etc.

They order their staff and associates to: bribe politicians; operate sex trafficking for them; manipulate stock market valuations; launder money; run off-shore tax evasion schemes; black-list employees and competitors; hide, down-rank, DNS dead-hole, shadow-ban, censor and server obfuscate enemies on the entire web; rig the U.S. Patent Office; help them cheat on their wives; and engage in massive volumes of insider, illicit, RICO and anti-trust violating crimes while bribing public officials to avoid prosecution..."

Carlton -

"...The information about this case has been hard for the public to hear about because the Silicon Valley oligarchs who did these crimes own most of the digital news on Earth.
We have placed more software sensors on more server networks globally than anyone else has ever announced. When Google-Alphabet-YouTube Shadow Bans, DNS re-routes, Hides, Demonetizes, Search Manipulates, Server Table Edits, Censors, Election Rigs, SEO limits, etc; our links, we record it, document it technically and report it to every regulatory and publishing group in the world. We also compile the data into evidence for lawsuits against Google and each Google executive. Our insiders work at the deepest levels of their operation. It isn't nice to mess with Mother Nature or Freedom Of Speech. It's worse to run tax evasion, sex trafficking, dark money funds, real estate fraud and other crimes from inside Google!

Our autonomous monitoring applications are on a vast number of co-location servers, shared hosting ISP's, stand-alone servers and sites around the world and have been operating for over ten years. We log: 1.) Google's search results compared to other search engines, 2.) Google's DNS and spoofing activities, 3.) Google's results on 100 key search terms including search terms of assets, candidates and business associates connected to Google (ie: "Obama", "Elon Musk", "Election Results", etc.), 4.) Where Google sends data from users clicking on Google supplied links, 5.) Where fabricated "mole" data that was injected as user data ultimately ended up later, 6.) Google's election manipulation attempts, and other metrics. The results prove that Google abuses the market, the public, privacy rights, politics and human rights..."

Susan -

"...California & DC politicians are being paid bribes with Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures stock and stock warrants which is never reported to the FEC; Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures search engine rigging and shadow-banning which is never reported to the FEC; Free rent; Rare-Earth mining rights; Male and female prostitutes; Cars; Dinners; Party Financing; Sports Event Tickets; Political campaign printing and mailing services "Donations"; Secret PAC Financing; Jobs in Corporations in Silicon Valley For The Family Members of Those Who Take Bribes And Those Who Take Bribes; "Consulting" contracts from McKinsey as fronted pay-off gigs; Overpriced "Speaking Engagements" which are really just pay-offs conduited for donors; Gallery art; Private jet rides and the use of Government fuel depots (ie: Google handed out NASA jet fuel to staff); Recreational drugs; Real Estate; Fake mortgages; The use of Cayman, Boca Des Tores, Swiss and related money-laundering accounts; The use of HSBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Deustche Bank money laundering accounts and covert stock accounts; Free spam and bulk mailing services owned by Silicon Valley corporations; Use of high tech law firms such as Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington & Burling, etc. to conduit bribes to officials; and other means now documented by us, The FBI, the FTC, The SEC, The FEC and journalists. Citizens MUST DEMAND COMPLETE LAWS TO MAKE ANY STOCK MARKET BENEFITS TO POLITICIANS, AND THEIR FAMILIES, TOTALLY ILLEGAL!..."

Zero-Free -

"...Our Team guarantees that these political dirty deeds done in the dark will come to light and that these perpetrators will be fully exposed, shamed and prosecuted. In the TV series: "Surviving R. Kelly" you can clearly see how a certain low I.Q. percentage of the population will defend an R. Kelly, an Elon Musk and a Harvey Weinstein even though those olgarchs obviously and overtly engage in heinous crimes. The Jeffrey Epstein's, the John Doerr's, the Andy Rubin's, the Steve Jurvetson's, the Eric Schmidt's, the Larry Page's, etc. think they are untouchable because they buy politicians and pay bribes. That will always be their downfall!

I want to send a message to the media assassins hired to attack us, I'm talking to YOU: John, Adrian, Nicholas, Jay, Gabby, Larry, Eric and the rest: We hired the greatest intelligence and law enforcement, investigative experts in the world to track you down and place you under a lifetime of surveillance. Every illegal drug and sex worker you buy is reported. Every tax evasion and money laundering scheme you engage in is reported. Everything you will ever do will be monitored and reported to the authorities. Every contact you have with a political operative, anywhere, is monitored. You accepted compensation to try to kill us, slander us, libel us and defame us. You chose your fate when you accepted the "kill orders". Never, ever, go to sleep at night thinking you will ever get away with it. We and our investigation friends will always be watching you, forever!..."

Paline -

"When you ask 'WHO ARE WE?', I will tell you we are the victims of these crimes, the witnesses that saw these crimes and every independent journalist, investigator, public citizen sleuth and forensic expert we could find in every nation on Earth that wants to end corruption. We are the people that will never let up until we get justice. We are the people that are terminating (using 100% legal tactics) every oligarch and politician that engaged in these crimes and the cover-ups. This site is anonymously collaborative-edited online like Wikipedia. Educate yourself in forensic science and investigative research and be one of us too. Part Of Our Reports To Federal Law Enforcement, Congress And The Public. We report to David Johnson, Peter D. Cair and Patricia Rich at the SF FBI, Christopher Wray at the DC FBI, The Chief of Staff at The White House, Each Senate office in Congress and any voter that inquires. Our many auto-replicating sites are Fair Use Rights Protected - SLAPP Protected - Freedom Of The Press Protected - First Amendment Protected - WIKI Public Protected - Creative Commons Protected - Public Domain Rights Protected - Non-Commercial Public Interest Rights Protected - etc. Don't come for us just to try to censor the news or play reprisal games. We are smarter, faster and deadlier...while using 100% legal spy agency resources. These Senators, White House staff and sex pervert Silicon Valley oligarchs hunted us using taxpayer resources. This is what they did to us simply because we reported a crime to federal law we watched, we learned, we waited and now we have struck back! If it was legal for them to try to execute us, our lives and our brands this way, then it must be legal for us to do it right back to every single one of them for the rest of their lives. There is now nothing they can do to stop what is coming. Even if we are dead, a billion others have already taken our place!. Terra-bytes of 'insurance policy' files have already been distributed to reporters. If we are harmed again, or killed like Seth Rich, then all of those files will be de-crypted across the globe..."