Is the San Francisco FBI Office Biased To Protect Democrat Oligarchs?

By Denton Lee

Since Obama took office there has rarely been a major FBI arrest of a Silicon Valley oligarch even though every news outlet, as well as The White House, has charged Silicon Valley bosses with corruption and epic financial crimes.

Why have Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Tim Draper, John Doerr, Larry Page, et al, ever been arrested for their bribery, tax evasion, money laundering, sex trafficking, stock market manipulation, etc.?

How do they get away with it?

David Johnson, the head of the San Francisco FBI, says there is "no bias in this office...", but...

San Francisco is the capitol of lefty crazy. They outlaw straws yet give out heroin needles. They let kids think they should get sex changes and support the kinds of people that constantly poop in the street. Billboards for gay sex club "" and drug-taking marijuana salons blanket the City. Idiotic Millennial kids come there to "be different" yet all adopt the same funny little beards and Fedora hats so they all look like clones of each other. San Francisco is a magnet for all of the impressionable loose nuts that rolled to the edge from the rest of the nation.

San Francisco is built to attract lefty loons and to protect them. The world has seen, thanks to the Comey corruption, the Strozak lies and the FISA manipulations that the some FBI bosses WILL rig law enforcement to protect their political favorites.

While there certainly are good guy "Elliot Ness" types in the FBI, the world can have no doubt about the fact that there are also some very bad guy agents who are protecting Democrat financiers in the region.

BUT WAIT, You might cry "What about the Solyndra raid?"

Solyndra was a corrupt Obama financed cleantech company in the Bay Area that shared land in Fremont, California with Tesla Motors. Both companies were funded by Dianne Feinstein's crooked manipulations of taxpayer dollars.

Yes, the FBI did raid Solyndra but the press and the FBI revelations shut down when agents discovered that Solyndra ran straight back to Obama's oval office and Tesla, the most criminally corrupt of the two, has never been raided.

The San Francisco FBI office (on the unlucky 13th floor of the old Federal building) is across the street from and looks right into the windows of Feinstein's Golden Gate Ave building. Why did it take 20 years for the FBI to catch the top Chinese spy in her office and why has SHE never been arrested? She only holds the title of "The most corrupt Senator in history".

Let's cut to the chase: The Deep State is entirely financed and operated out of Silicon Valley. The bosses and investors of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are right there in the San Francisco. The San Francisco FBI caught the Unabomber based on just three words in a manifesto. Why can't they catch the Silicon Valley oligarchs who issue daily digital manifestos on the web?

We have spoken to a number of persons from Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants who have reported crimes and corruption to the FBI. We have asked Senate staff to try to pull up the FBI 302 forms (the official records of such investigations) to see how far the San Francisco FBI went down that road. So far, there has been little joy.

In the Kavanaugh case, the SF FBI has been tasked with looking at Fords credibility background. Reporters have reported on her wild past sex life, her family CIA connection, her work with the RU-238 abortion company, her connection to Strozak, the mysterious second door on her home that was or was not there, her Stanford CIA mini-classes, her connections to Democrat causes and other issues. Will all of those issues be addressed in her FBI 302 report?

In any case, it is just a bit weird that the biggest crooks in the nation are all operating with impunity out of San Francisco and it's Silicon Valley enclaves!