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There should be an investigation of Obama's last minute executive order allowing collected intelligence to be sent freely between bureaus. This info was collected from the NSA, collected through Susan Rice, given to FBI black hats who then leaked to the media Flynn's phone call with the Russian ambassador. No way such a thing should have been possible without Obama's fuckery. Trump should rescind that EO.

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Or....Trump could now be using it to go after the swamp deep state

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Trump could now be using it to go after the swamp deep state

"Its Ironic. Captain Kenya could save others from getting spied on, but not himself."

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You think any of this could have been used to gather tax info for the IRS or to blackmail a supreme court justice? Or other weird stuff? Cause it could explain some historical thingies.

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The FISA Court also announced the end of the practice of searching for communications about a US person.

It appears from this decision that what the NSA used to be able to do was collect all communications referencing a US person, for example, everyone who used “Donald Trump” in a text message. Now the searches are (presumably) limited to communications to or from the person, not communications which merely mention that person. You can see how this would make a huge difference!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama holdovers were the ones doxing people. A bitch move only a liberal would pull.

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Reality Winner

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Can confirm, tonnnnns of holdovers still sitting in high ranking positions.. Distant relative, who is a YUGE left wing SJW, holds the civilian rank of a 2 star general. She was very vocal on social media after the meat sack lost the election. She’s gone quiet since - whether that means she’s smartened up and took her anti POTUS rhetoric off of social media and into the shadows, or she saw her 401k growth and shit herself is hard to answer.

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Worse than just that, as if that weren't bad enough, they were sharing illegally gathered data with private contractors like FusionGPS and Crowdstrike.

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and they probably gave access to 5-eyes or something as "sharing intel with allies"

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What is the source for this document? I am seeing more and more drops coming out but do you have a link to the full doc?

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And for years. And they weaponized the information they gleaned, sold it to various entities, and used it internally to harm their political enemies, acting as a tyrant would.

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double digit analysts triple digit queries double digit targeted people

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But muh redactions

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No problem, we'll just assume it's 99, 999, and 99 then.

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Here is a simple solution to all of this.

An oversight body requests information. You have 30 days to product that information. If the information is not produced, the head(s) of the department go to jail on contempt charges until the data is released.

Problem solved.

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What's the source for this image? Anyone have a link to the declassified file?

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Shareblue cucks are out in force this morning boys! Everyone on this post was downvoted.

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I just upvoted all you fucks!

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It’s probably fair to say that the 4th Amendment didn’t exist during the Obama years.

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And next see how extensive and low-level it was