Silicon Valley Oligarchs Push Website Selling Genital Sex Toys For Transgender Children

Activists take part in the Gay Pride Parade in Managua, on June 28, 2017.
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As the transgender movement has developed, so too has its focus on the transitioning of younger and younger people. TransKids, according to the "about" section of the transgender youth website, is "a safe and affirming place where helping your kids live fully and embodied is our only goal.", which is "dedicated to providing young folks with gender expression gear and resources," not only recommends transgender children’s books like "Who are you? The Kid's Guide to Gender Identity" and "Be Who You Are," it markets and sells garments and prosthetics designed to fit young children between the approximate ages of 8-13.

Each prosthetic and piece of clothing is casually described as if it were a blouse in an old department store catalogue. For example, the "Tuck Buddies Underwear," which is meant for biological girls who identify as boys, is described as follows:

These clever unders have an extra panel in the front to help your kiddo have a smooth front. With a modern "boyshort" look, Tuck Buddies can help your girl feel more confident and comfortable!

The "Masho Packer" prosthetic penis "is a much requested [piece] from Japan that we are able to offer in limited quantities. This smallish prosthetic is angled downward for a more realistic and less 'outstanding' package. While designed for adults, this is one of the smaller packers on the market."

The "Mini" and the "Teeny Tiny" seem to be the smallest prosthetic penises offered by the website, and are described as follows:

While most trans boys don't start packing until they are teens or older, sometimes young kids want to have a prosthetic and what is on the market is really just too big for most folks under 10 years old. So our friends who make our Silicone Packers came up with a mini version for young and/or smaller kids. Now these may look "too" tiny to some, but we think these are pretty accurate in their overall size. That said, they are a scaled down version of a larger Packer, so the proportion is not what you might see attached to an AMAB kid.

AMAB is an acronym for "assigned male at birth."

A "stand to pee" prosthetic penis, which comes in circumcised or uncircumcised, is "designed especially for younger folks," and is "discreet enough that [it] can be worn all day under clothes."

There are photos of each of the prosthetics which The Daily Wire will not display.

TransKids is affiliated with FTM Essentials, an online store for biological women who identify as men, and its parent company is an erotica shop in Chicago called Early to Bed.

Following the increasing social acceptance of the adult transgender movement in western culture, the focus has begun to shift toward children who express what may appear to be gender dysphoria.

Despite the possibility of irreparable physical and psychological damage to prepubescent children who are given hormone therapy and offered transitional services, there is a small but vocal group of Americans pushing for the unconditional cultural approval of such things.

According to a 2014 paper by Columbia University’s Jack Drescher and Jack Pula titled, "Ethical issues raised by the treatment of gender-variant prepubescent children," and published in The Hastings Center Report, only a fraction of children who display gender dysphoric behavior continue to do so as adults:

... there is no expert clinical consensus regarding the treatment of prepubescent children who meet diagnostic criteria for what was referred to in both DSM-IV-TR and ICD-10 as gender identity disorder in children and now in DSM-5 as gender dysphoria.

... as the World Professional Association for Transgender Health notes in their latest Standards of Care, gender dysphoria in childhood does not inevitably continue into adulthood, and only 6 to 23 percent of boys and 12 to 27 percent of girls treated in gender clinics showed persistence of their gender dysphoria into adulthood. Further, most of the boys' gender dysphoria desisted, and in adulthood, they identified as gay rather than as transgender.

The contingent of individuals who demand that western society accept and comply with their belief that alleged gender dysphoric children should be given hormone therapy and transitional services are, with or without malice, creating an environment in which young people may be catastrophically harmed. Marketing products and services to aid such a movement is ignorant at best, and unethical at worst.

The Daily Wire reached out to TransKids for comment, but the representative to whom we spoke was reluctant to answer any questions, and referred us to the owner, who doesn’t work on weekends.