These folders contain clippings from news media, public internet postings, investigation task force groups, E.U. groups, Congressional committees and forensic specialists. The material at this URL represents only a small portion of the evidence in hand and available for trial.

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COORDINATED SILICON MEDIA CENSORSHIP -  How the Suspects mass manipulate news & information to hide the truth

DOCUMENTING POLITICAL BRIBES - How the Suspects were bribed

EVERY PUBLIC OFFICIAL INVOLVED GOT PAYOLA -  Confirmations of the fact that the Senators & agency bosses who were supposed to protect the public were taking bribes in the crimes

FIGHTING CORRUPTION -   What you can do, from the comfort of your home, to fight this kind of political corruption

GOOGLE IS CORRUPT -  The overall corruption that Google executives and VC's audaciously engage in

GOOGLE MANIPULATES ELECTIONS - The most extreme crime that Google operates is the manipulation of Democracy in order to please the extremist owners of Google

KEY POINTS - Capsule summations of the main issues

SILICON VALLEYS SEX ABUSES -  The Silicon Valley oligarchs, and the politicians they control, reveal their true sick sociopath nature in the massive number of perverted sex scandals they are always involved in

SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM -  The abuse of privacy, created by the Silicon Valley technology mafia, for the mass harvesting of humans as "digital information cows"

THE DARK MONEY LAUNDERING -   The way that the bribes are paid using covert asset layering techniques

THE DOE CLEANTECH PAYOLA SCAM -   The U.S. Department of Energy was converted to a Dark Money political slush-fund to pay back Obama Administration campaign financiers by distributing payola in plain sight

THE ELON MUSK SCAMS -   Elon Musk operates Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Solar City, The Boring Company, etc. as government mooch stock market scams in partnership with Goldman Sachs. The lies and manipulations of Musk are endless

THE HIRED CHARACTER ASSASSINS -  When the Suspects get bent-out-of-joint, they use Gawker, Gizmodo, Fusion GPS, Black Cube, etc. to "kill" those they don't like

THE LITHIUM BATTERY SCAM - The Obama campaign financiers promised exclusive lithium mining deals to Silicon Valley oligarchs who rigged the internet for Obama but the batteries are deadly, toxic, war-causing disasters

THE PALO ALTO MAFIA -   Also known as "The PayPal Mafia" or "The Deep State"; these sociopath frat boys, mostly homosexual, delight in bribes, sex abuse, monopolization and tax evasion

THE POLITICAL DEATHS -  When the character assassinations don't work, the suspects just have people killed

USING PUBLIC AGENCIES AS HIT-JOB OPERATORS -  HUD, SSA, SEC, DOE and your City and County offices are used by the Suspects, via their control of U.S. Senators, to harm those who speak out against them

VENTURE CAPITAL TECHNOLOGY THEFT - Expect to have every great idea, start-up, invention or business venture stolen and copied by Google, Facebook, Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher, Greylock, etc. (The Palo Alto Mafia) and get blockaded from ever getting them into a jury trial to hold them accountable


Additional Sources Of Evidence Proving The Charges: