The New Face of News Is Digital, Anonymous, Untraceable And Anti-Corporate Propaganda

By Lee An Worster

After putting the final nail in the coffin of propaganda news outlets and billionaire newspaper chains, the technologists have now unwrapped the digital news reader.

If you speak the truth via mass media distribution you get a corporate character assassination attack leveled at you or you get killed.

New software eliminates those dangers by creating a photo-realistic video personage that you only need to enter the text for them to speak.

This changes everything. Steven Crowder's and Julian Assange's will no longer fear for their lives. Digital characters created from the visual mergers of Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan...or Paul Newman and John Wayne will read the news to the world. There are no licensing issues involved because nobody can tell who the character were really combined from. There are no fees to pay to actors. There is nobody to sue, arrest, murder, intimidate or bribe.

You can make your own entire CNN or FOX news on your cell phone and broadcast it to the world without ever worrying about reprisal attacks. The software is free open-source material and, already, there are over 30 versions of it in production for open public use. While corporate shills decry the technology as "too scary because consumers are too stupid to see what it is..." the rest of the world embraces the potential for safe news distribution: