Almost every social media company got put out of business and only a select few were allowed to survive. But why?

Almost every social media company got put out of business and only a select few were allowed to survive. But why?




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It looks suspicious.



In this modern age when almost every “conspiracy” has turned out to be true, the appearance of an illicit Cartel seems to have legs.



Ebay, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Amazon were birthed in Silicon Valley where millions of the same kinds of socially-amplified companies began.



All of those other ventures went belly-up. Could that really be “the luck of the draw” as Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr claims? After all, Doerr should know, he ran a “boys club” who, for decades decided who lived and died in Silicon Valley.



Doerr claims that Kleiner Perkins used “careful VC metrics” to decide who got to exist but some owners of NextTag disagree. Says one: “Kleiner Perkins is a “Ponzi Scheme” that hypes one thing after another to pension funds, runs a pump-and-dump skim on the stocks of the new start-up and then kills the start-up so that can start the scam all over again with a new ‘sucker-preneur”.



While that sounds bad, other Silicon Valley insiders tell a far more horrific tale. Tom Perkins and Kleiner-funded Google insider Larry Page are said to be Kleiner’s “Window Men”, so called after the spy tactic of peeking in windows.



Perkins and Page are widely covered in the news for their tactics of spying on new start-ups, stealing their technologies, copying them under a start-up that Kleiner controls and black-listing the original start-up out of the market.



Is that illegal? A number of complaints about this practice have been filed with the FBI, FTC, SEC and other agencies but nothing has been done…yet. These were the practices that financed the Obama campaign and that the Kleiner Cartel had hoped would fund Hillary Clinton. Alas, Hillary lost and Trump won and all of these pending complaints and charges are going to be revived in the Trump White House. Hopefully the new FBI will be knocking on John Doerr’s door one night.



As the world now knows: Ebay, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Amazon are the big financiers and media manipulators for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In exchange for the Obama pump, they and their insiders where handed nearly a trillion dollars of State and Federal payola. But for the 2017, and forward, reality of the new world, the filthy placenta of corruption will not flow to the corrupt Silicon Valley insiders any more. The financial losses in the Clinton campaign are at $1.5 billion dollars and climbing, but the pain will continue for nearly a decade.



Ebay, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Amazon have been proven by web archive data to have manipulated the news, impressions, focus, trends, links, DNS, positions, adjacencies, UI/UX psychological warfare tactics and subliminal messaging of the public at the same time that they were spying on that very public. Mark Zuckerberg’s leaked emails show that Hillary had promised him a job. Eric Schmidt has been proven to have run the digital portions of both the Obama and Clinton campaigns. These companies are led by misogynistic, self-centered, elitist, tone deaf frat boys who have no ideals or devotion to anything but power and cash. Their smoke-screen cover stories of “green cars and solar panels” meant nothing. They never cared about anything “green” except cash. The AngelGate, Silicon Valley No Poaching lawsuits and massive numbers of rape and anal sex abuse cases in Silicon Valley seem to confirm the public suspicion that these folks are “scum”.



The world is missing a vast number of jobs and options because John Doerr, Greylock Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher and the Cartel prevented America from having those opportunities. They did this out of mercenary greed and and insane desire to control politics. VC’s constantly hire hookers and bribe politicians because of their constant need to feel like they can control another human being. They have these feelings because they honestly seem to believe that they have, or in fact actually do have, tiny penises.




p class=”western” style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;orphans:2;widows:2;”>The only survivors of the social-amplified start-up wars are those handful of companies owned and controlled by the same 14 people, who all politic and anti-trust together. The Kleiner Cartel went around and thieved their way to the top by black-listing and monopolizing Silicon Valley into a shit show!