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Palo Alto- California – Leaked Documents reveal the seedy side of Silicon Valley. In a shady world of billionaires, private jets, sex scandals and misogyny; a private “boys club” of rich fraternity bros’ rule an insidious world of inside deals in a massive glass bubble of privilege and power.



This portion of the documents is telling:





“…Plaintiff cooperated with the federal police in a criminal investigation of third parties and for his trouble he got discrimination and hit jobs placed against him.



His employment, housing and other human rights, guaranteed to him in the U.S. and California Constitution, have been violated according to a large number of experts and investigators including the federal courts, The U.S. Congress, major journalists and consumer groups. These violations of his rights were engaged in, and caused by, employees of the State of California and California-based employers financially connected to State and Federal employees. There are over thirty charges relating to attacks on the Plaintiff and ongoing FBI, GAO, SEC, SFPD, FTC and SFPD investigations into felony class crimes, beginning with the FBI raid of Solyndra, that the attackers engaged in.



California residents John Doerr, Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and their associates, financed and directed the illicit activities via a modern technology mobster-ism Silicon Valley Cartel they control AKA: “The PayPal Mafia”. These men illicitly, and illegally, conspire, collude, tax-evade, bribe, blacklist, character assassinate, web search rig and monopolize industries via a racketeering-like covert business alliance. The notorious AngelGate Collusion ( See: http://vcracket.weebly.com ) and the Class Action Silicon Valley Employment Collusion lawsuit, which they lost ( See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-Tech_Employee_Antitrust_Litigation ); The DNC and Panama Papers leaks, The Hulk Hogan Vs. Gawker lawsuit documents and Task Force investigation documents prove the veracity of the criminal charges against these men.



They have delayed arrest and interdiction by their record-breaking bribes to White House, Senate, Sacramento, Bay Area and Regulatory officials but the global media clearly and carefully documents their criminal actions. Over a million news articles can be found online detailing the overt and obvious violations of the law, morality and common ethics. They are, momentarily, being protected from prosecution by corrupt officials but the public has seen through that facade and they have become the butt of social jokes and expose’ TV shows ( See: http://thesacramentocaper.wordpress.com and https://videos.files.wordpress.com/wNlHgLlK/the-cleantech-crash_high_fmt1.ogv and http://www.hbo.com/silicon-valley )



Documents and materials have been distributed to enforcement organizations in a manner which guarantees interdiction potential, lawsuits are being filed against this Cartel and the public is working to identify and legally terminate the assets of the criminal participants who acquired “unjust gain”, according to the U.S. Treasury investigators “…at the expense of the taxpayers!”…”





The friends and families of mysteriously dead Silicon Valley men including Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani, Forrest Hayes, Brian M. Finn, Ravi Kumar, and others connected to run-ins with the PayPal Mafia want answers.



In an election year, the voters want answers from the men financing major candidates and controlling the digital news about those candidates. The IRS wants to know why it isn’t getting the billions of dollars it was expecting. The U.S. Congress wants to know who is trying to rig the U.S. Congress.



Many are asking questions but, so far, few answers are showing up. This new push for transparency and accountability could not be coming at a better time in U.S. history.




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