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Payback is a bitch” the world tells Silicon Valley!

By Antonin Brown

As one of the victims told The Silicon Mafia bosses: Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page and John Doerr: You took billions of dollars of our money and put it in your pocketsusing corruption, bribes, thievery and worse. When we reported you to law enforcement you then ran a multi-million dollar reprisal vendetta attack to take our homes, brands, income and lives in retribution. Now you must pay for your crimes in a manner equal to the scope of the criminal acts you engaged in. We have joined with all of those whom you abused, law enforcement agencies, The U.S. Congress, voters and the media to, legally, eradicate you and your criminal empire”.

In fact the Tech titans are buying “billionaire bunkers” to hide in. Nobody wants products from Silicon Valley because they are rife with CIA and privacy abuse spy-ware. Silicon Valley is no longer “cool”. Ad sales are dropping like a rock. All of the Silicon Valley political schemes are exposed. Every Silicon Mafia boss has had all of their servers hacked and Wikileaks is having a field day. The Cartel’s corrupt “cleantech” companies were crashed by Congressional hit jobs. Charges have been filed with the FBI, FTC, GAO, SEC and other agencies naming Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page, John Doerr and others as mobsters and racketeers. A new President of the United States and a new federal government was put in power to drop the hammer on the Silicon Mafia. Lawsuits are being filed against the Cartel. There were never darker days for Khosla, Schmidt, Musk, Page and Doerr butthe clouds are about to get much darker for them.

While most people may think that “hit-jobs” are the realm of Hollywood movie plots, these kinds of corporate assassination attempts do take place regularly in politics.

The Silicon Mafia chose to “…CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE!”. When they got caught, the Tech Oligarchs attacked everyone on their hit-list.

The attacks were carried out by California State employees and U.S. Government officials who had received stock, perks, and other quid-pro-quo payment from these billionaires.

Department of Energy Executives and their campaign billionaire handlers engaged in these attacks in order to control the solar and “green car” markets in violation of anti-trust laws. The billionaires did not care about “green” issues, they only cared about green cash and they bribed the Obama Administration in order to get the Department of Energy to become an exclusive slush-fund just for them.

Federal and state employees ran retribution campaigns for The Silicon Mafia against applicants who competed with inside deals they had set up to line their own pockets at taxpayer expense.

These corrupt politicians thought they could take over a promised “six trillion dollar “Cleantech” industry that was being created to profiteer on fabricated insider exploitation opportunities around global warming and Middle East disruption. After an epic number of Solyndra-esque failures, all owned by the Department of Energy Executives and their campaign financiers, the scheme fell apart. The non crony applicants suffered the worst fates. As CBS News reporter Cheryl Atkisson has reported, the willingness to engage in media “hitjobs” was only exceeded by the audacity with which Department of Energy officials employed such tactics.

Now, in a number of notorious trials and email leaks, including the Hulk Hogan lawsuit and the DNC and Panama Papers leaks, the public has gotten to see the depths to which public officials are willing to stoop to cheat rather than compete in the open market.

Department of Energy employees and State of California employees engaged in the following documented attacks against applicants who were competing with their billionaire backers personal stock holdings. Plaintiffs and the other applicants including Bright Automotive, Aptera, ZAP and many more, suffered these attacks.

– Social Security, SSI, SDI, Disability and other earned benefits were stone-walled. Applications were “lost”. Files in the application process “disappeared”. Lois Lerner hard drive “incidents” took place.

– Defendants had lawyers employed by Defendants contact Plaintiffs and offer to “help” Plaintiffs when, in fact, those lawyers worked for Defendants and were sent in as moles to try to delay the filing of a case in order to try o run out the time bar.

– State and federal employees played an endless game of Catch-22 by arbitrarily determining that deadlines had passed that they, the government officials, had stonewalled and obfuscated applications for, in order to force these deadlines that they set, to appear to be missed.

– Some applicants found themselves strangely poisoned, not unlike the Alexander Litvenko and Rodgers cases. Heavy metals and toxic materials were found right after their work with the Department of Energy weapons and energy facilities. Many wonder if these “targets” were intentionally exposed to toxins in retribution for their testimony. The federal MSDS documents clearly show that a number of these people were exposed to deadly compounds and radiations without being provided with proper HazMat suits which DOE officials knew were required.

– Applicants employers were called, and faxed, and ordered to fire applicants from their places of employment, in the middle of the day, with no notice, as a retribution tactic.

– Applicants HR and employment records, on recruiting and hiring databases, were embedded with negative keywords in order to prevent them from gaining future employment.

– One Gary D. Conley and one Rajeev Motwani, both whistle-blowers in this matter, turned up dead under strange circumstances. They are not alone in a series of bizarre deaths related to this case. The Silicon Mafia appears to live up to its name with actual murders.

– Disability and VA complaint hearings and benefits were frozen, delayed, denied or subjected to lost records and “missing hard drives” as in the Lois Lerner case.

– Every possible source of income and online store-front had its income capability hacked or terminated.

– Paypal and other on-line payments for on-line sales were delayed, hidden, or re-directed in order to terminate income potential for applicants who competed with DOE interests and holdings.

– DNS redirection, website spoofing which sent applicants websites to dead ends and other Internet activity manipulations were conducted.

– Campaign finance dirty tricks contractors IN-Q-Tel, Think Progress, Media Matters, Gawker Media, Syd Blumenthal, etc., were hired by DOE Executives and their campaign financiers to attack applicants who competed with DOE executives stocks and personal assets.

– Covert DOE partner: Google, transfered large sums of cash to dirty tricks contractors and then manually locked the media portion of the attacks into the top lines of the top pages of all Google searches globally, for years, with hidden embedded codes in the links and web-pages which multiplied the attacks on applicants by many magnitudes.

– Honeytraps and moles from person’s employed by Defendants or living on, or with, Defendants were employed by the attackers. In this tactic, people who covertly worked for the attackers were employed to approach the “target” and offer business or sexual services in order to spy on and misdirect the subject.

– Mortgage and rental applications had red flags added to them in databases to prevent the targets from getting homes or apartments.

– McCarthy-Era “Black-lists” were created and employed against applicants who competed with DOE executives and their campaign financiers to prevent them from funding and future employment. The Silicon Valley Cartel (AKA the “PayPal Mafia” or the “Silicon Valley Mafia”) placed Plaintiffs on their “Black-List”.

– Targets were very carefully placed in a position of not being able to get jobs, unemployment benefits, disability benefits or acquire any possible sources of income. The retribution tactics were audacious, overt..and quite illegal.

While law enforcement, regulators and journalists are now clamping down on each, and every, one of the attackers, one-by-one, the process is slow. The victims have been forced to turn to the filing of lawsuits in order to seek justice. The Mississippi Attorney General’s office, who is prosecuting Cartel Member Google, advised Plaintiffs to pursue their case in civil court while the Post Election FBI expands its resources.”

The attacks have not ceased against the witnesses and members of the public who the Silicon Valley mob have targeted. Everyday a State and/or Federal official is fired because of this case. The FBI and a number of organizations have deep investigations ongoing.

Will the victims and the voters ever see justice? 2017 may be the year that all of the parts of this case reach their final nexus.


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