EVENTS AND ADVENTURES is a dating service and do not let them tell you otherwise

By Yelp Advisors

Events And Adventures is a dating service that exploits the emotional weakness of lonely and sexual frustrated people.

They sucker you in by claiming to be a "no pressure" service that "never refers to DATING". In fact they are a high pressure MLM sales effort designed to make you think you might get a date but almost every regular person in the club already has a boyfriend, girlfriend or too many sex partners already.

They assemble a core group of facially symmetrical showcase attendees in each region and get those show case "members" to attend the initial pitch parties so that you think you might get one of them. You won't ever get one of them.

Common complaints included the same 20-30 people showing up, lack of high-quality members, disorganized events, and many activities being held too far away:

Consumer Affairs Events & Adventures Review

Events & Adventures online review

The Events And Adventures headquarters near Seattle, Washington, has an overall ‘B’ rating with the BBB, despite having a whopping 90 complaints filed against various locations in the last 3 years.

Many of the reviewers, like these two, complained about high pressure sales tactics and misrepresentations during the initial interview:

Events and Adventures BBB review

BBB complaint

The BBB also issued a “Pattern of Complaint” alert for Events And Adventures, which seems to support the negative allegations:

Events and adventures pattern of complaint

Yelp reviews also varied by location, but they generally seem to be a mixed bag of 5 and 1-star reviews.

For those that praised their Events And Adventures experience, meeting new friends and having fun at the events seemed to be a common theme, and was the experience of this Yelp reviewer in San Francisco:

Events and Adventures Yelp review

However, for those unsatisfied with their Events And Adventures membership, high pressure and/or deceptive sales tactics and poor turnout to singles events was frequently mentioned in reviews like this one:

Yelp complaint Events and Adventures

Of course, you probably already take online reviews with a grain of salt. But when the same complaints pop up across multiple review sites, that old adage about ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’ could apply. Proceed with caution to avoid getting burned, especially when the company has been successfully sued.

Events and Adventures Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court was granted final approval, after the courts found the company illegally recorded interviews with 229 prospective members. The lawsuit was settled in favor of the Class Members, although the $1,000,000 settlement is still wrapped up in the appeals process.