The Marine Corps has denied using dating sites to recruit potential young Marines after a screenshot surfaced on Monday showing just that.

The screenshot, which was posted on the popular website Reddit, showed a conversation on the Bumble dating app between a young man and woman.

In the photo, the woman, who used the name Kaitlin Robertson, appears to be actively recruiting the young man she matched with to join the Marine Corps.

(Screenshot of Bumble conversation)
(Screenshot of Bumble conversation)

Marine Corps Recruiting Command spokesman Gunnery Sgt. Justin Kronenberg quickly shot down the idea that the Marine Corps is using dating apps as a platform for recruitment.

“We don’t condone use of dating apps for business purposes and no, that Bumble post was not written by a recruiter,” Kronenberg wrote in an email to Stars and Stripes. 

According to Kronenberg, the Marine Corps has searched its records and cannot find any trace of a Marine or Marine recruiter with the name Kaitlin Robertson, Stripes reported.