San Francisco death spiral continues…

San Francisco Housing affordability 39-year low…

MICHELIN-starred restaurant closes because too expensive…

Z BoycottSanFrancisco reveals Pelosi scheme THE SILICON VALLEY TECH MAFIA

San Francisco man, 23, is arrested after he ‘murdered and decapitated his grandmother’ whose head was found days later in a creek

Luis Gustavo Aroyo-Lopez, 23, is accused of brutally killing his grandmother, Elvia Lopez-Arroyo in Santa Rosa, and fleeing the scene with her head.


The SF homeless crisis here! San Francisco conducts massive cover-up effort – clearing out encampments and removing vagrants from streets – in bid to conceal its hellish reality while hosting foreign dignitaries for APEC trade summit

San Francisco officials descended on homeless hotspots across the city Wednesday to clear the area as sanitation crews tossed mattresses, tents, chairs, and other street items into a garbage truck.

Welcome to the ‘doom loop’: San Francisco worker posts terrifying footage of his walk through drug-addled homeless village with ‘zombies’ sleepwalking across the sidewalk

Tiktoker ‘Freqmeek’ captured the pre-dawn horror as she gingerly picked her way through dozens of desperate addicts in the city’s Tenderloin district. Some are hunched against the cold while others are too intoxicated to care as cars and buses try to steer a path through unconscious addicts sprawled across the road for hundreds of yards. ‘The anxiety we experience just travelling to work daily in the Tenderloin is unbelievable,’ she wrote.

UPDATE: Robotaxi drags pedestrian in San Fran!


Elon Musk’s Free Speech Stance Is ‘Dangerous,’ Columbia Journalism Fellow Says

The Amount Of Human Feces On San Francisco Streets Is Going Up Every Single Year Because Of Immigrants

Restaurant owners stuck in ‘doom loop’ San Francisco say crime, drug abuse and low tourism are killing business with sales down 50% in some areas

A slew of restaurateurs this week cited crime, drugs, and waning tourisms as the main culprits killing their businesses, all set on Valencia Street.

San Francisco Tech Executives Play A Dangerous Game With Trophy Wives and Prostitutes


Bay Area woman, 28, who earns $88,000 a year reveals she’s been forced to move back in with her PARENTS after racking up $36,000 in debt and being left unable to cope with ‘wildly expensive cost of living’

Brittney Reynolds was forced to reckon with the tens of thousands of dollars of credit-card debt she’d accumulated over seven years after a breakup with a girlfriend.


San Francisco___s News-Casts Have Lost So Many Viewers For Broadcasting ___Fake News___

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