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After many big-name companies withdrew their advertising from X in the wake of Musk’s continued hate speech, he used his exchange with Sorkin to respond to those companies thusly:

“Don’t advertise,” he said to the audience. “If someone is going to try to blackmail me with advertising? Blackmail me with money? Go f—k yourself. Go. F—k. Yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is. Hey Bob [Iger, CEO of Disney]! If you’re in the audience. That’s how I feel. Don’t advertise.”

Here is where Sorkin had to give Musk a bit of pragmatic business advice. I, like Sorkin, am a journalist and lemme tell you: You’re in BIG trouble if one of US understands how to make a profit better than you do.

What X demise could mean for TESLA...

“I understand that,” Sorkin told Musk with the utmost professionalism. “But there’s a reality too, right? I mean [X CEO] Linda Yaccarino is right here and she’s got to sell advertising!”

Musk, who appeared both high and made of plywood, responded with a reality of his own:

“Actually, what this advertising boycott is going to do is, it’s going to kill the company. And the whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company, and we will document it in great detail.”

Here Musk looked out to the audience, expecting vehement agreement, perhaps even applause. He was greeted with dead silence instead. Sorkin, still residing in the correct reality, told Musk, “But those advertisers, I imagine they’re going to say, ‘WE didn’t kill the company.’”And here is where Musk revealed his delusion to all. “Oh yeah?” he shot back. “Tell it to Earth.”

“Tell it to Earth.” If you imagine Will Smith delivering that line, it REALLY hits. But this was coming from a purported titan of industry, who was seemingly unaware that no one gives a holy s—t about his social media platform anymore. “Twitter isn’t real life” is a tired sound bite, but it’s never been more true than now. You really are screaming into the void when you post there. But Musk, who told Sorkin that he believed data to be more valuable than gold, remains committed to the idea that owning X means owning the chief information exchange for all of this planet’s 8 billion citizens. He thinks he can Thanos Snap wars and recessions into being merely by posting a recycled Pepe the Frog meme from 2016 on there. There is no reasoning with someone who is so megalomaniacal and so, SO stupid.

But god bless Sorkin, he tried. For a f—king hour, Sorkin, who is Jewish, sat there and endured a fusillade of Musk’s choicest bulls—t, including the following statements:

– “My mind often feels like a very wild storm.”
– “There is a natural affinity, therefore, for persecuted groups. This has led to the funding of organizations that essentially promote any persecuted group, or any group with the perception of persecution. This includes radical Islamic groups.”
– “Over time it’ll be obvious that, in fact, far from being antisemitic, I’m in fact philosemitic. And all the evidence in my track record would support that.”
– “Actually it’s pretty rare for something frankly that is hateful [on X] to be promoted.” (Fact check alert for Elon)
– “My aspiration is to do as much good as possible, and to be as productive as possible, within the bounds of what is legal.”
– “There are probably 100 million regulations that my companies comply with and there’re probably five that we don’t, and if we disagree with some of those regulations, it’s because we think the regulation that is meant to do good doesn’t actually do good.”
– “There are on the order of 2 billion Muslims in the world and I think a much smaller number of Jewish people. … So if you just look at content production just on a sheer numbers basis, it’s going to be overwhelmingly antisemitic.”

The above mix of lies and braggadocio — including Musk using Tesla’s open-source policy as a form of self-defense rather than a wise bit of industrial altruism — is what people who still use X now confront every time they attempt to do a basic search on that platform. That’s why so few of us use it anymore, and that’s why advertisers are now backing out in droves. Those companies are hardly to blame for X’s downfall, and Sorkin tried to make that clear to his guest.

“But they’re going to say, Elon, that you killed the company,” he told Musk, “Because you said these things, and that they were inappropriate things, and that they didn’t feel comfortable on the platform. That’s what they’re going to say.”

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To which Musk replied, with unearned smugness, “Let’s see how Earth responds to that.”

Elon Musk has built a net worth in the hundreds of billions.Luis Sinco/TNS

Ah well, allow me to respond on behalf of the Earth: The brands are right. No one gives a f—k about X anymore, and no one will be outraged when you — yes, you, Elon Musk — have finally killed it. The days of serial tweeters like me lamenting the days of Twitter Classic are over. We’ve gone elsewhere and use X only sparingly, and only as a necessary evil. Without us, and without any advertising support, X will soon make no money of any sort, and you’ll be left only with the occasional $8 a month from @FreedomBob69.

Oh wait, but here’s more reality for you, Elon! The Cybertruck is already not only a laughingstock, it’s also barely existent on the eve of its launch and, by your own admission, won’t turn a profit until a year and a half from now at the earliest. The Boring Company, established to make the Hyperloop a reality, has only built a glorified parking ramp in Vegas after burning through nearly $800 million in VC funding. Tesla’s revenues are sinking as the big automakers roll out their own EVs that are more appealing than your four-wheeled bachelor pads. Your company SpaceX will fail in its doomed mission to make humans a multiplanetary species, and its rockets won’t stop blowing up.

And your biography sucked.

So it’s over for you, Elon Musk. You are a public failure of a man. You’ll still be rich, but you no longer matter. That’s all you really wanted out of this, wasn’t it? You bought Twitter because you thought that owning it would make you the most special person in the whole wide world, only to reveal yourself as an unremarkable s—thead with no good ideas. You drove everyone away, including the companies that could have propped up your reputation for another five minutes. Whether you’ll ever understand this is of no concern to me, or to anyone else. You’ve shared your bucket, and it has nothing but holes in it. So, for Bob Iger, and for the rest of humanity, let me say: Go f—k yourself, Elon. Go. F—k. Yourself. Is that clear?

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